ProEnglish Ranks the 2012 Presidential Candidates

Does your candidate make the grade on official English?

Find Out Who Scored an ‘A’ and Who Failed the Grade

ARLINGTON,VA—ProEnglish, the nation’s leading advocate of official English, today unveiled its grades for the 2012 presidential candidates. ProEnglish has ranked the candidates based on their strength of support for preserving the historic role of English as the common, unifying language of the United States. Over 90% of the world’s nations have an official language, but the U.S. is not one of them.

ProEnglish Executive Director Robert Vandervoort said, “We think that voters will be surprised, not only by the candidates who earned the top grades, but by those who scored the worst."

“Unfortunately, over half the candidates scored a Grade C or lower, which means that they haven’t focused enough attention on these cultural and fiscal issues which are important to the vast majority of American voters,