First I would like to thank the Campo minutemen for their help and support .

This week alone I spotted and called the Border Patrol in to apprehended 36 illegals mostly after sundown. The smaller groups try in the day with not much luck

Year to date is now 378 apprehensions


Gman's name and location are kept secret for his security. He would like to thank everyone for their expressions of Support
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Last night South of the High School, at approximately .8;17PM near the 7.5 mile marker on Buckman Springs Rd. (West side of range fence) I noticed two suspected illegal aliens in the brush. One (the male) came near me to ask if the Freeway was that direction (pointing North), I replied yes. He thanked me and went on their way. I called the Border Patrol on my cell phone withing a minute (8:18 PM). I stood by until the Border Patrol arrived (8:30PM approximately

I showed the first arriving Border Patrol where I last saw the suspected illegal aliens (approximately 30 yards West of Buckman Springs Rd.) heading North. The second Border Patrol arrived about five minutes or so later with a load vehicle (Van). They both were in the brush with flashlights for about 10 minutes, then came out with the two suspected illegal aliens - one male, one female. Loaded them both up and went on their way. The whole operation from my phone call to them loading up and driving away was approximately. 40 minutes. Very good operation indeed. Dan