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    Senate Sells Out E-Verify--Again! Congress is shameless!!

    Senate Sells Out E-Verify--Again!

    Dear Friend,

    Congress is shameless!! Last night the Senate voted 50-47 against extending E-Verify for another five years-they choose instead to extend it only six measly months. Why? Because they want to bargain: amnesty for E-Verify, more foreign workers for E-Verify-and with the economic environment as poisonous as it is they can't make deals right now.

    These guys don't give a hoot about us---they are in this business to get as much for themselves as possible.

    Clearly six months is better than nothing but it is outrageous that the elected elite can't just do what is right-they have to get something in return for their friends. And only Congress would stoop so low as to negotiate the enforcement vehicle against illegal aliens by giving illegal aliens amnesty so they can get the jobs E-Verify keeps them from obtaining! They are simply selling out American workers-AGAIN!!!!

    And they are not even honest about it. (I know, what a shocker, Congress isn't honest!). Harry Reid has continually claimed he is all for E-Verify, that it is an important tool. Here he is in his own words:
    I strongly support programs like E-Verify that are designed to ensure that employers only hire those who are legally authorized to work in the United States, and believe we need to strengthen enforcement against employers who knowingly hire individuals who are not authorized to work.
    And yet he repeatedly kept the Senate from voting for a five year reauthorization of E-Verify. He kept it out of the Stimulus and then tried to stop Senator Session's amendment to the Omnibus Bill that would have provided a five year reauthorization from coming to a vote. It was only because of the grass roots effort of Team America and other patriotic groups that we got the vote. But now we have them on record!

    We have 50 Senators who voted against protecting American jobs from illegal aliens. See how your Senator voted [Click here for the roll call], call them up, and give them a piece of your mind-a loud, clear, bold reminder of who they work for! [Click here for the direct lines or call the Capital Switchboard toll free at 1 (866) 220-0044 and ask for your Senator]

    Tell them you are outraged that with unemployment approaching 10 percent nationally, and even higher among unskilled Americans, they would vote against guaranteeing our jobs go to American workers.

    As Americans see the stimulus jobs going to illegal aliens as our economy continues to tank, the 50 Senators who voted against E-Verify will have to answer for their betrayal.

    And if we keep hammering for the next six months, they will know they can't pull off this trick a second time.

    Keep up the pressure and keep the faith,

    Your Friend,

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    Wed, 11 Mar 2009 2:53 pm
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    Some states are requiring E-Verify. It has got to be Federal Law for every state to come on board immediately.

    Link shows the states using E-Verify

    States Pass E-Verify Laws ... -laws.html

    Maybe most of Congress would like to see the states doing more. Or what if many more are like me and want to have the E-Verify extended but made stronger. Require all State Employment Security Commissions (Unemployment Offices) to use E-Verify. Currently, these offices only have to check migrate farmers.
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