Three Vets Secure a section of the California - Mexico Border. Their section of the border is well known, freeing up the Border Patrol to focus on other sections.

Taking a tour of Campo, California with "Bandit" "Brit" or "Little Dog" you immediately notice the community reaction. Property owners ride their horses over to wave and smile. Men come over to shake their hands. Grandmotherly types bring bags of cookies. "I eat a lot of cookies" admits Bandit.

At the border; locals ride over on bikes, to discuss the activities of the illegal border crossers onto their property. Border patrol agents drive by, stop, talking about the activity on the border. Hikers ask about the latest information on wild animal spottings..

All three were at one time Members of Minuteman Border watch projects and were so impressed by the need to secure the border that they have devoted the majority of their time to it, virtually living on the border using a camper and two large SUVs. They estimate they average "2 1/2" border patrol shifts in a 24 hour period.

They are assisted with their border watch activites by a small but dedicated group of volunteers, who come regularly.. The three receive limited financial support from local residents. One Minuteman related that when he lost his expensive video camera at the border, he thought it was gone forever, but Bandit ,whom he had never met, located it and despite his limited financial recourses had it Fed Ex'd to the Minuteman.

When asked if they need anything, the response is that no, they are fine. When pressed, they admit there is a constant need for gas for the SUVs which get poor gas mileage, and being driven, several hours per day.