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    TA-pac: Tancredo: We are all Minutemen Now.

    Dear Team America,

    Malkin: "As long as the elites in both parties continue to act
    like scared monkeys, Americans will be forced to take homeland
    security into their own hands. We are all Minutemen now...."

    Team, I thought you might enjoy reading the two columns below by
    Tom Tancredo. Also see one from WorldNetDaily on Tom and
    Michelle Malkin's latest piece, "Border bungling has been a
    bipartisan affair."

    I had a long chat with Jim Gilchrist [MMP Co-Chairman] today. I
    volunteered to give him a hand with anything he might need for
    work on his website or just about anything he wants me to do. He
    asked me to tell all of our members that he is taking the next
    few weeks to get settled down after his five weeks on the border
    and will begin organizing the next phase of the MMP soon. He
    will keep us updated as things progress. Stand by!

    For the Cause, Linda


    The Minutemen: America's Neighborhood Watch
    by Congressman Tom Tancredo
    The Pueblo Chieftain, Pueblo Colorado

    Most people have now heard of the Minutemen, a group of more
    than 700 citizens who went to the Arizona-Mexico border in April
    to protest the government’s unwillingness to secure our borders
    against illegal aliens. They ended their protest on April 20
    after achieving their major goal, which was to put a national
    media spotlight on the shameful farce called "open borders."
    They also demonstrated that a physical presence on the border
    effectively curbs unlawful border crossings.

    The name "Minutemen" may have been an unfortunate choice, since
    these volunteers carried not rifles, but cameras and cell
    phones. They came to the Arizona-Mexico border to help the
    Border Patrol spot illegal aliens entering our country.
    According to Time magazine, over 3 million illegal aliens
    slipped past the undermanned Border Patrol last year. Citizens
    are perplexed and angry by their government’s refusal to
    confront the dangers of open borders.

    The Minutemen came to Arizona from 40 states, including over 29
    from Colorado. From all the criticism they got from the media,
    you would think that, instead of cameras and cell phones, they
    were carrying hand grenades.

    Last year in the month of April some 65,000 illegal aliens were
    caught trying to enter Arizona in the Tucson sector. This year
    that number fell considerably in the areas the Minutemen
    monitored. Teams of four to six observers watched for illegal
    aliens crossing the border along a 23-mile stretch. That’s all.
    The volunteers did not try to halt the illegal aliens they
    observed - they merely called and reported what they saw to the
    Border Patrol.

    The Minutemen are worried not only about the numbers; they are
    worried about who is coming across our borders by stealth. For
    starters, over 76,000 of the captured intruders in 2004 came
    from countries other than Mexico. And in February of this year,
    the deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security
    testified before a congressional committee that al-Qaida has
    considered using Mexico to infiltrate terrorists into the U.S. -
    an assertion that FBI Director Robert Mueller echoed when he
    said that hundreds of "special-interest aliens" from countries
    known to have terrorist cells may have already used Mexico as a
    means to enter the United States.

    Despite this mess, in March President Bush invited the president
    of Mexico to his Texas ranch and called the citizens who are
    alarmed by this insane picture "vigilantes." That makes about as
    much sense as your local police chief calling the Neighborhood
    Watch program a bunch of vigilantes.

    In a perfect world, citizens wouldn’t have to offer help to the
    Border Patrol. Unfortunately, however, the agency is simply
    spread too thin to fulfill their mission. The Border Patrol has
    only 11,000 agents nationwide to guard 5,900 miles of land
    border. That’s less than two agents per mile, and it’s not
    anywhere close to the number of people we need if we are going
    to prevent our northern or southern border from being used as a
    welcome mat by a terrorist group like al-Qaida.

    The Minutemen have performed a valuable public service by
    helping to expose just how dysfunctional our border security
    apparatus really is. Now it’s up to Congress and President Bush
    to act.

    Tom Tancredo, a Republican, represents Colorado’s 6th
    Congressional District.


    This Land Is Whose Land?
    by Congressman Tom Tancredo
    Los Angeles Times

    People who say it's racist to want secure borders are insulting
    the intelligence of the American people, and such charges betray
    an empty arsenal of serious arguments. No wonder the immigration
    reform movement is gaining on every front.

    Last November's election gave momentum to the movement in a way
    not widely reported in the media but very much understood by
    political analysts and lawmakers. President Bush increased his
    share of the Latino vote from about 32% to 40% in that election
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    JIM GILCHRIST was on the radio today and did a beautiful job explaining the future of their "defense group." A plus is that wabc is a powerful NE station and millions of people heard him speak. Up in this neck of the woods we need all the help we can get in painting the picture.
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    "We're All Minutemen Now"

    Well said!!

    Keep up the good fight for the best cause on the face of the earth, savings the United States from becoming a non-entity!

    Why has Bush turned a "blind eye"?

    Why has he failed to enforce the law he was elected and swore to uphold?

    Only he knows for sure....but all the evidence produced through the efforts of so many, is: He is Open Borders. He does seek the end of the sovereign territory of the United States and the American People.

    If anyone has a better explanation, even a possible explanation, please post it.

    Unless another explanation that 'sticks" comes forth, there is no conclusion other than Mr. Bush has violated his Oath of Office and Deceived the American People for an agenda that will result in their demise.

    Those of us who have taken to time to seek an explanation, uncover the various organizations and institutions who care more for profit or some grand scheme of wealth-making and control of the human is heartbreaking for this citizen to learn a formely beloved President was part of the Open Borders Plan which is to end the United States as a sovereign territory and the leader of the free world.

    What about us under this plan?

    Well, a guy on another forum involved deeply in the workings of the Open Borders Plan....offerred this:

    "The Americans will need something to do to stay occupied, so the plan is for them to build spaceships." go where may I ask?
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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