Tea Parties Against Amnesty Nationwide November 14

Although NumbersUSA is not involved in organizing the Tea Parties Against Amnesty, we are forwarding information to our active members who may want to create their own rallies or attend planned events.

Dear friends:

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) http://www.againstamnesty.com/index.php is spearheading an effort called Against Amnesty to promote rallies against amnesty for illegal aliens on November 14. They are seeking organizers and attendees for events in every state in the nation. As of this writing, 14 Tea Party rallies are planned and over 700 people have indicated they will participate.

If you are interested in holding your own rally on November 14, or attending one of those planned, start by visiting www.AgainstAmnesty.com and filling out a supporter form on the homepage. You can view existing event locations on the web site and easily sign up to register your own rally. The web site allows you to contact others about this effort. It also has a “Contact USâ€