From: "Theresa Harmon" <> Add to Address Book
Date: 2006/04/23 Sun PM 03:15:26 EDT
To: <>
Subject: TnRIP ALERT!! Calls needed in support of HB-0242 (TN)

Calls and Emails needed on Monday to support TENNESSEE HB-0242

If you are unable to make multiple calls on Monday, please, at least, pick a few of the Transportation Committee members listed below to encourage them to vote FOR HB-0242. We need this bill to be brought to the floor of the House for a Full and Recorded vote so we will know who to campaign for and against in November.

HB-0242 requires all driver license written examinations be given in English and only English. This bill will appear before the Transportation Committee of the Tennessee House of Representatives on Tuesday, April 25, 2006. Please call or e-mail members of the Transportation Committee and request that they vote for HB-0242. The Senate companion bill, SB-0303, passed the Tennessee Senate by a vote of 18-14 on April 19, 2006.

The toll-free number for the Tennessee General Assembly is:


Here is a list of the members of the Transportation Committee as copied from the official website of the Tennessee General Assembly:

Phillip Pinion, Chair
Frank Buck, Vice-Chair
George W. Fraley, Secretary

Here are the phone numbers and e-mail addresses for the Transportation Committee members:

Pinion: (615) 741-0718 and

Buck: (615) 741-3817 and

Fraley: (615) 741-8695 and

Cobb: (615) 741-6824 and

Davis: (615) 741-1717 and

Fowlkes: (615) 741-1864 and

Harmon: (615) 741-6849 and

Hill: 615-741-2251 and

Phillip Johnson: (615) 741-7477 and

Pleasant: (615) 741-7084 and

Stanley: (615) 741-3036 and

Tidwell: (615) 741-7098 and

Vaughn: (615) 741-6867 and

Watson: (615) 741-7799 and
Winningham: (615) 741-6852 and

Please also call the office of Governor Phil Bredesen and express support for HB-0242. The phone number for Governor Bredesen's office is:

(615) 741-2001

Please also call the office of House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh. His office phone number is:

(615) 741-3774

His e-mail address is:

It might also be a good idea to let the Tennessee Democratic Party (telephone number (615) 327-9779 and the Tennessee Republican Party (telephone number (615) 269-4260 know your opinion about HB-0242.

The telephone number for the Interim Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Safety, Gerald Nicely, is (615) 251-5166.

Here are links to a pair of Tennessean article about HB-0242:

1) ... /604230386

2) ... 6604210391.