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    Quote Originally Posted by Bowman
    Quote Originally Posted by rebellady1964
    The fact is, people here are pi**ed off to the MAX. We had a record number of home foreclosures in my county last year, we have alot of people living with their relatives now because there are no jobs left. The illegals have taken most all of the construction jobs. People are FURIOUS about this. The crime rate here has soared in the last 2 years.
    So does this mean you are going to fire Senator Graham?
    Well, Bowman, I'm form North Carolina not South Carolina. I guess I have no say in that. But I am sure South Carolinians will be looking at their state's politicians voting records on this issue and vote accordingly
    "My ancestors gave their life for America, the least I can do is fight to preserve the rights they died for"

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    So does this mean you are going to fire Senator Graham?
    Senator Graham is an idiot! I called all six of his offices last week and questioned his comment about as he put it "anti-immigrant" groups needed to grow up. I corrected his statement by first saying it was anti-ILLEGAL immigration, second, gave a few examples of how this issue effects our country and its citizens and closed by saying he must own a chicken plant or landscaping service. He should be ashamed of himself. My tax dollars still pay his paycheck and believe me there are plenty of South Carolinians that will make sure he looses his job.
    Equal rights for all, special privileges for none. Thomas Jefferson

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