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    what doea the border patrol think?

    LOCAL 2544
    Toll Free (800) 581-2544
    Fax (520) 293-6044




    Welcome. Local 2544 officers are all Border Patrol agents. We represent other Border Patrol agents and non-supervisory employees in the Tucson Sector, covering most of the State of Arizona. We are the largest Local in the Border Patrol.

    Local 2544 is proudly affiliated with the Legal Defense Fund, and the law firm of Gattey Baranic LLP. These organizations support our members in administrative, legislative, civil, and criminal matters. Local 2544 was the first Border Patrol Local in the nation to offer its members an Administrative Legal Services Plan, utilizing attorneys to represent members in disciplinary actions, grievances and ULP charges. Our attorneys also assist in other types of representation not covered under the Legal Defense Fund (PORAC) plan.

    Next Meeting: April 12, 2006 @ 6 p.m.

    Warning: If you don't want to hear the truth about the situation on the border stay off this website. We tell the truth. Some people don't like that.

    Current Issues

    Help U.S. Border Patrol Agents Fight Amnesty. While President Bush and many of our politicians are selling us out we need millions of "good hearted" Americans who actually care about what we do to back us up. The country continues to be overrun with thousands more illegal aliens every single day folks. We're losing this battle - big time. This isn't some concocted story, it's a fact from the front lines. If you want to live in a dream world ask the people in Washington D.C. what's going on. They'll confuse you with the pretty talk they learn in politicians' school (classes currently being administered by Vicente Fox in Cancun, Mexico). If you want to know the real story ask us. Amnesty DOES NOT WORK. It only rewards lawlessness and further demoralizes Border Patrol agents. They tried it in 1986. It was an absolute disaster. George Bush steadfastly refuses to listen to the people who put him in office. Click here to help. 03-31-06

    * ATV Camp & Horse Camp - The Local is currently scheduling inspections of the ATV Camp in Sasabe and the Horse Camp in Arivaca. The inspections will focus on Health and Safety issues. 03-30-06 ...... Update: The Horse Camp in Arivaca was inspected on 04-03-06. A number of serious problems exist. We'll write up a report and submit it. The Sasabe ATV Camp is next.
    * Protesters - Half a million protesters in Los Angeles, 20,000 in Phoenix, more in Denver and all over the country. Gee.......anybody think there is an illegal immigration problem in this country? The vast majority of the protesters are illegal aliens, led by radical illegal immigration activists. The illegal aliens are not afraid of arrest, they are not afraid to be on television, they are not afraid to physically assault counter-protesters, they have demanded an "apology" from the Mayor of Phoenix for rightfully demanding that the protesters work with the City to plan instead of shutting down businesses and homes by parking everywhere they shouldn't be (come on Mayor, that's just another silly government law or regulation to be ignored, just like our immigration laws). Maybe this will wake some people up. We doubt it. We can already see our spineless senators and congressmen hiding under their desks instead of taking a stand against this rampant lawlessness. Shame on them for letting things get this bad. Thousands more arriving daily and our President still trumpeting amnesty to encourage them to keep coming, so don't expect improvement anytime soon. As usual, anyone who opposes these people's ideology is automatically, and most often without any justification whatsoever, labeled a "racist". It's usually the people screaming "racists" that are the real racists. Pretty sad state of affairs. 03-27-06
    * Ajo Agent Buried in Montana - There will be a memorial service for Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Greenig in Tucson on April 4th. The Local is currently trying to make arrangements for Greenig's parents to attend. By all accounts Greenig was a fine agent, and a fine human being who will be missed. Please click here to read an excellent article from the Billings, MT newspaper. 03-24-06
    * Arbitration Cases - We are compiling a list of settlements and pending arbitration hearings. The Local has settled over 25 cases during the past year or so, resulting in backpay for our members. The list of pending arbitration cases has been cut in half during the last year. We still have a ways to go, but we're getting there. Our goal is to completely clear the backlog of cases so that our members can get a hearing within 6 months of invocation. 03-24-06
    * Jim Kolbe Assists Illegal Immigration - Kolbe has done more to hinder the Border Patrol agents in Tucson Sector, and to help illegal aliens successfully further their illegal entries into this country than any other politician we can think of. Kolbe forces the Border Patrol in the Tucson Sector to move its checkpoints every seven days. You will not find one Border Patrol agent or manager who agrees with him. He refuses to listen to the experts who do the job every day. Alien smugglers utilize these mandatory checkpoint moves to their advantage. These people make millions of dollars every year smuggling and they're not all stupid. We could cite plenty of specific examples here, but we won't because we don't want to give the less intelligent smugglers any ideas to use against us. Suffice it to say Kolbe makes it much easier on the smart ones. They're laughing all the way to the bank. There are no safe, decent checkpoints in this Sector because of Jim Kolbe. He won't allow us to build them properly. Our agents are inexcusably exposed to dangerous situations at the checkpoints every day because of one man. This has been going on for years. Despite all of his excuses and despite all his wasteful government-funded studies and "investigations" into this checkpoint issue, we defy him to give us one good reason for making our jobs so much harder and for making it so much easier for illegal immigrants to get into this country. 03-23-06
    * "We were overrun with aliens. A lot more got away than were caught." - This is a quote sent to us from a veteran agent who returned from a long camp detail in Tucson Sector last week. The country continues to be overrun with illegal aliens. We aren't coming close to stopping them, and most of the time we don't even slow them down too much. Don't believe anyone who even hints that our borders resemble anything that is "under control" (especially top-level DHS/CBP managers). The old mantra of "as we gain operational control of (such-and-such) part of the border" is something designed to mislead the public into thinking we're making some sort of progress. There is no overall progress. Things are completely out of control at the border. 03-17-06
    * New Vehicles on the Way! - Well, 80 new vehicles are on the way to Tucson Sector.......for the entire year. Thats right, 80. 10 vehicles for each station.....maybe.....if somebody at the top of the food chain doesn't decide they need a few of them. We need 1,000 new vehicles, and they send us 80. Once again, our Washington DC gang lets us down. The INS used to steal all our vehicle money every year when disgraceful people like Johnny "Every Apprehension is a Failure" Williams were in charge. But now, with the new and improved DHS & Customs running the show it's all better. Trust us. Year after year after year the American people are fleeced into thinking the politicians are "serious" about "securing our borders", and year after year they are lied to. Anybody who thinks anything has substantively changed for the better during the last 20 years is delusional. It's worse now than it was 20 years ago. Much worse. Despite all the tough talk and the chest thumping, the sad fact of the matter remains that millions more illegal aliens are in this country, millions more are coming, anybody who really wants in will get in, and very little is being done about it. If hot air was an enforcement tool we wouldn't have an illegal immigration problem. Unfortunately, hot air only confuses many, pacifies some, and frustrates those of us who see what a complete bunch of BS it really is. Anybody who challenges the front-line agents on that fact needs a little truth serum administered. The smoke-and-mirrors games continue every year, and the clueless, self-serving faces at the top of our Agency change, but the facts don't change. The American people who currently don't have to deal with rampant illegal immigration better brace themselves. It's coming to their neighborhoods soon. While Bush is in office nothing will get done. That much is obvious after 6 years. And the current crop of prospective presidents who are posturing for a run in 2008, including our wonderful in-state non-supporter, "Amnesty John" McCain, will probably be worse. That should take us through 2012, when we'll be hearing the same old tired "get tough" political posturing over "securing our borders" all over again. Does anybody really think Hillary Clinton is going to be a tough, enforcement minded leader on illegal immigration if she gets elected? Get real folks. We've got a little ocean-front propery down here on the Arizona border we'd like to sell you too. It's peaceful, there is very little crime, very few illegal aliens, the smugglers are mostly under control, and best of all there is plenty of "good hearted, willing" cheap labor on hand at a moment's notice for those home improvement projects! Own a little piece of paradise. Call us for prices (some limitations, exclusions, and disclaimers may apply - on site inspection of property is not allowed until payment has been received in full). 03-11-06
    * AFL-CIO - They're at it again. The supporters of the disgraceful Illegal Alien Freedom Ride of a few years ago, where they sponsored protesters who openly stated they wanted all Border Patrol agents fired (with a name like "Comida, No Migra" you would think they'd get a clue) are now saying no to "amnesty". They don't oppose it because of their support for BP agents and the security of this country. They oppose it because it doesn't go far enough. They want all illegal aliens in this country to be given Permanent Resident status. This Local split from the AFL/CIO several years ago, although AFGE continues to be aligned with them. Read a story about their latest money grubbing position here. 03-01-06
    * Tommy Lee Jones....has made the latest Border Patrol movie (hit piece). He portrays the Border Patrol as a bunch of murdering, bullying, thugs. The illegal alien in the movie is a "victim". Hey Tommy Lee, why don't you get your macho play-acting butt down here on patrol at the border and dodge some "real" rocks, bottles, and bullets for a few nights and then make another movie pal. We have "real" agents shot in the legs, crippled, and rehabbing after being brutalized by Mexican thugs and you make another cheapshot movie slamming Border Patrol agents. Read a "5 star" review of the movie here.
    * Camp Details - Management recently issued a memo with guidelines for camp details. Our position on the restrictions is simple. If management wants to restrict your "off-duty" time to hanging around the camp waiting to back up on-duty agents then they need to compensate you for that time with standby pay. We are currently in consultation with Sector staff on this issue and should have their decision soon. If no agreement is reached we will file a grievance. Update: 01/09/06 No agreement could be reached. The Local will be filing a grievance and we will be going to arbitration seeking backpay for all affected agents. In the meantime, please keep track of all the time you spend at any camp detail. We will attempt to consolidate this hearing with one already scheduled in Yuma Sector for the same issue on 3/26 and 3/27. Update: 01/10/06 Management says they cannot grant the standby pay because of "OPM" regs. However, the Local is looking into a rumor that agents assigned to the "call center" in DC are getting the pay. Read the grievance here. Update 3/8//06 - This is set for hearing in Yuma on March 22nd.
    * Shift Swaps - We are pushing this hearing, but we don't have a date set yet. We'll post the date once it is established. We are confident we will win. Our past track record shows we win over 95% of the arbitration hearings in this Local. The few hearings we've lost over the years were calculated gambles. 01-24-06 update: CBP is now trying to delay this hearing. These are the same people who are so concerned about "due process" that they think nothing of waiting 2 years to propose discipline on an agent for some petty violation of a rule. We're not buying it. This is an obvious stall tactic designed to keep the rank-and-file agents from getting a fair hearing on this issue. Read their letter trying to justify their stall tactics here. Update 2/24/06 - Now set for a hearing on May 11th.
    * Bid for Shift - This is going to hearing as well. We have gotten more complaints about this issue than any other in memory, and for good reason. This goes back to the old saying "If it ain't broke don't fix it." They "fixed" something that was working perfectly fine, and in the process created huge problems for rank-and-file agents. Update 2/24/06 - Tentatively set for hearing in late May (waiting on confirmation for the arbitrator).
    * Most Recent Arbitration Hearing - Remember the agent from Willcox who was fired for "cursing" at a temporary supervisor? His hearing was held on January 17th. Another expensive sure-fire agency loser. Trust us folks, this one is that bad. The typical Agency tactics were employed during the hearing (inappropriately using official personnel files to try to dig up dirt on any Union-friendly witnesses to smear their reputation, hyping managers and their importance, and stating ad nauseum that "the primary mission of the CBP is to prevent terrorism" and "the Border Patrol is a paramilitary organization" to bolster their case). We will post the arbitrator's decision in this case when it's rendered.
    * Membership - We still have agents who are getting into trouble and then trying to rush through a Unon sign-up form in an attempt to get our attorneys to represent them. This longstanding tactic is not going to work anymore. Your Union coverage will begin on the date you sign up. Anything that happens before you sign up is your problem. We will not expend resources covering you for something that happened when you weren't a member. This includes LSP and LDF coverage for administrative actions, and civil and criminal allegations. There are no exceptions to this policy.


    Another Rank-and-File Agent Shafted by CBP/LER

    Another Tucson Sector agent is being shafted by totally incompetent CBP/LER representatives. The agent received a disciplinary proposal for being 10 minutes late to work. Speaking of "late", the proposal was served on him 1 1/2 years (yes, one and one half years) after he was 10 minutes "late" for work. The agency reps, acting with no class, waited until he returned home from a 1-year stint on active duty in Iraq to serve him. Welcome home, thanks for serving your country.

    Now, to make things worse, this agent is applying for jobs when he starts getting word that he won't be considered for other jobs because he has a "disciplinary proposal pending". The stupidity never ends. These non-BP lackeys get quite a thrill out of armchair quarterbacking and shafting agents. You might even say they make a "career" out of it. 11-9-05

    Update 01/09/06 - This situation has been mostly rectified by our Sector staff. The agency's proposal was properly rescinded because of timeliness issues.


    DHS Ranks Dead-Last in Job Satisfaction Survey

    According to the government-sponsored survey, DHS employees report the least amount of job satisfaction. Employees feel that their job is very important, but that they don't get the support and tools they need to perform their jobs properly. DHS employees also rank their overall management team the lowest of any agency. This is what years of neglect, poor infrastructure, mismanagement of funds and personnel, political sell-outs, lack of equipment, and extremely poor overall leadership from our top "managers" will do to an outfit. Throw in a few incompetent, self-serving field supervisors with no people skills and huge egos whose sole purpose in life seems to be bullying, intimidating, and running rough-shod over employees who they have no respect for and you can get an even better picture. Read the report here. 10-22-05

    Local 2544 Has Submitted a Grievance on the New Mandatory Shift Rotations

    Most of our stations, except Sonoita whose managers are still stuck in the dark ages, used to be on a "bid-for-shift" system. The bid-for-shift system had worked extremely well for both agents and management during the three years it was in effect. There were no complaints, and agents finally had a feeling that they were somewhat in charge of their personal lives. The mandatory end of the bid-for-shift, which we were told was a "nationwide" mandate to crack down on "rogue agents", did not affect SDC agents. So much for the "nationwide" mandate. This policy is reminiscent of the old INS (It Never Stops). Make everybody pay dearly for what you think is a solution to the .1% of "rogue" agents who break the laws and abuse the system. It isn't a solution at all, and most managers don't even agree with it, but let's not let common sense and facts slow us down here, much less the health, safety, happiness, and welfare of the rank-and-file agents. Many agents have written to us with horror stories about childcare problems, being forced to drop out of school, being forced to severely curtail their involvement with their children, and being forced to use more sick leave because they are tired all the time and more prone to illness. Some agents' spouses will have to quit their jobs because they can't afford the childcare costs if they continue working. We will do everything we can to get this idiotic policy reversed.

    Notice to affected agents: We will need some good, solid witnesses who aren't afraid to speak up when this goes to arbitration. Please document the effect these mandatory shift rotations have on your careers and submit any statements to your Chief Stewards or an Executive Board member. A simple e-mail will suffice.

    Local 2544 has learned that there will be no new patrol vehicles purchased for the Border Patrol in fiscal year 2006. Unless something changes you will be driving the same junk vehicles again next year. All the money has been earmarked for Katrina spending. 09-15-05

    "Terrorism is the preferred weapon of weak and evil men." President Ronald Wilson Reagan

    09-11-01 - Never Forget What The Cowards Did to Us

    To help establish a memorial for the American heroes who stopped the barbaric terrorists on United Flight 93 click here.

    A country that does not control who comes and goes is a country asking for more problems. The government currently has no way to really identify millions of people who have come into this country illegally. They have no reliable way to track others who come here legally, but then refuse to leave when they are supposed to leave. Thousands upon thousands have skipped immigration hearings, and there is no effort to track them down. Immigration hearings are a complete joke. There is no interior enforcement of immigration laws in the United States. Anyone with one iota of common sense can see that it is very dangerous to have millions of people in your country, with no idea who they really are, why they came here, or what their intentions are. Most are here to work and send money home. Others are undoubtedly here to do us harm. This situation was disgraceful on 9-11-01, and it is even more disgraceful today.......because we should know better now. It has become painfully apparent that until President Bush leaves office and someone who actually has the backbone to enforce our immigration laws gets elected this situation will not improve.

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    the President and Congress has put OUR law enforcement officers in danger. No one will file criminal charges on their behalf, BUT I do believe they can file civil R.I.CO. vilations against this "criminal enterprise"
    "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it" George Santayana "Deo Vindice"

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    CAll to arms ! Tell Us how to do this!

    WE NEED TO DECIDE HOW we are going to protect our elderly and oursleves in all you say it is out of hand...WHat Military can we volunteer for or what groups are organizing to monitor these aliens? Surely the AMerican Military is out in force watching these groups! Additionally....with these greoups causing such a rukus the forces of Terroroism could be making headway on creating a new strike while all the policemen are busy...this is incredibly bad for our national secuirty and the legislators know it !

    You need to get someone tosend this to small local papers..

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