I am not from Wisconsin but received a reply from this representative when I heard about this. As a retired military disabled frontline veteran with 24 years service I find this so far beyond reprehensible that words cannot even begin to convey my thoughts on this. This government has stepped over the line....... Those of you in Mexconsin please pin that fraud of a governor ear's back on this and demand he takes care of veterans; NOT illegal aliens. I have already emailed all outlets including Dobbs, Cavuto, Oreilly, Beck, my local media contacts and am sending this to my rep and senators......Let's deluge our so called reps and the media about this travesty....

Petersen's E-Press
April 2, 2009
A Veteran’s Outrage
As a Veteran, I’m outraged that Governor Doyle has proposed cutting funding to Wisconsin’s veterans’ programs by $2,172,000 while at the same time he is increasing overall state spending by $6 billion in the biennium budget - $56.7 billion (2007-2009) to $62.7 billion (2009-2011).

The lack of common sense in Madison is amazing. What are the governor and 12 Democrats in Joint Finance thinking? First it’s almost $3 billion in tax hikes during a time of economic downturn, then it’s $6.0 billion in new spending when the state faces a deficit, and now, on top of all that, they want to cut veterans’ programs while at the same time having taxpayers pickup the bill for illegal aliens’ tuition.

Say again …. in-state tuition for illegal aliens? Yes, you read it correctly. The provision, as written in Governor Doyle’s budget states: “an alien who is not a legal permanent resident of the United States to pay resident, as opposed to nonresident, tuition.