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Thread: ‘Probably $5 Worth Of Hardware’: Illegal Immigrants Hop Over The Border Wall Using Ma

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    ‘Probably $5 Worth Of Hardware’: Illegal Immigrants Hop Over The Border Wall Using Ma

    ‘Probably $5 Worth Of Hardware’: Illegal Immigrants Hop Over The Border Wall Using Makeshift Ladders

    April 22, 20211:56 PM ET

    According to Border Patrol agents, illegal immigrants are crossing the border using ladders made from cobbled-together materials such as PVC and plywood.

    Scott Nicol, an activist and artist, has traveled along the Southern Border of the United States looking for ladders used by illegal immigrants to scale the border wall, Texas Monthly reported Wednesday.

    “It’s made of cheap, rough wood, quickly nailed together because it is only going to be used once,” Nicol says. “Unlike the wall, these ladders are functional.”
    Nicol said, “These ladders are probably $5 worth of hardware.”

    Yahoo News

    The Texas Monthly report cited Scott Nicol, an activist and Texas resident, who said, "These ladders are probably $5 worth of hardware, and they're defeating a wall that cost $12 million a mile in that location."

    People are climbing over Trump’s $15 billion border wall with $5 ladders
    Trump's $15 billion border wall is reportedly being overcome by migrants and refugees using cheap ladders, according to a report.

    11:53 AM · Apr 22, 2021

    On the other hand, some Border Patrol agents have asserted that Trump’s wall still serves the purpose of slowing illegal immigrants down.
    “Nine times out of ten we’re going to catch them,” Chris Cabrera, a McAllen-based border agent, said of migrants who use ladders.

    Border patrol agents have been inundated with an influx of illegal border crossings.

    Cabrera said, “We have people turning themselves over, and at the same time, when it’s dark we have people with ladders, but we got nobody to go over because we’re tied up.”
    According to Texas Monthly, rope and PVC ladders with metal hooks are becoming increasingly popular on the upriver, while wooden ladders are preferred in the Granjeno to Hidalgo stretch of the border.

    Border Patrol agents are destroying the ladders wherever they find them in order to try and quell the crossings, according to Texas Monthly.

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    Razor wire on top.

    Plant cactus below.
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    Sorry, but I don't believe it. Trump's walls are high and there is no wooden ladder that is going to scale them. More likely, they are scaling the walls in the background of the image posted here. Trump's walls work and we need to see the rest of the border where they were planned to go up completed with these walls.
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