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    “So We Get No Say?” – Wealthy Elites from Affluent Neighborhood in Sanctuary City Bos

    “So We Get No Say?” – Wealthy Elites from Affluent Neighborhood in Sanctuary City Boston Outraged Over Local Migrant Shelter Plans (VIDEO)

    Jim Hoft
    Mar. 1, 2024 7:30 am

    Boston’s Wealthy Elites Outraged Over Illegal Migrant Shelter in Their Community

    These leftist elites are all alike.

    Residents from Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood gathered this week to complain about a planned migrant facility that is opening soon in their affluent community.

    When these elites approved of the Boston’s sanctuary status they sure didn’t agree to this!

    The local residents complained to city officials, “So we have no say?” After the plans were announced for the shelter in their area.

    It’s just not right.

    The Blaze reported:

    Residents of a wealthy neighborhood in Boston expressed outrage at a recent community meeting after they learned that a new migrant shelter would soon open up nearby.

    On Tuesday night, residents gathered to meet with General Scott Rice, the emergency assistance director for Democratic Gov. Maura Healey, to discuss their concerns about a temporary migrant shelter opening up in Fort Point, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the Seaport area of Boston.

    The United Way of Massachusetts Bay is working with Healey’s office to transform some Fort Point office space on Farnsworth Street, owned by the Unitarian Universalist Association, into a temporary shelter for approximately 80 immigrants.

    But it seems nobody asked the locals whether they approved.

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    The dummies had "their say", they voted for it, now YOU live with it.

    Set up some shelters in Beverly Hills, Palos Verde, Martha's Vineyard, the Hampton's, and in Rehoboth Beach. Every rich neighborhood in Democrat cities.

    Now the illegals can go to their schools with their kids.

    They can go to their doctors and hospitals and sit in their waiting rooms right next to them.

    They can shop at their grocery stores with a cart full of anchor rats and speaking Spanish in the isles.

    Joe Biden says, "welcome the newcomers". That means you too, you elite snobs.

    Have fun!

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