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    Tonights Lou Dobbs is a must see! If you miss it read the transcript later at:

    Minutemen Project organizers Chris Simcox and Jim Gilchrest announced today that the project will be extended across the Mexican border and part of the Canadian border.

    Protests of businesses hiring illegal aliens are being organized to cover the entire United States. Now, we can ALL be involved!

    The MMP has recieved requests of over 10,000 people wanting to actively join the biggest neighborhood watch in history.

    Congressman Mark Foley (R), ways and means committee is interviewed and states about our border security and illegal invasion, “This is as important as anything we do!�

    Then, Dick Schneider of the Sierra Club discusses whether the group should push for limits on immigration in order to cut population growth.

    Today’s poll:

    Do you believe the impact of excessive illegal immigration is a legitimate environmental concern?

    Yes 94% 1010 votes
    No 6% 59 votes
    Total: 1069 votes
    Want to make people angry? Lie to them.
    Want to make them absolutely livid? Tell 'em the truth."

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    Lou was great tonight as always.
    Glade to see Chris Simcox and Jim Gilchrest are going to extend the MMP to other states. When they do Texas I'll have my bags packed, grab William and hall buggy down there.
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Hey great; That lifts the spirit. Could it be that the Nation and her People are waking to what has been slipping away?

    Now we get to see if our Constitution works. If the protections it affords us can be implemented despite the special interests that have kept this disaster a rolling operation.

    Now we can see if our misleaders have the gall to simply do what they want despite the Will of the people. This issue polls in the 90 percentile consistantly. It's pretty obvious it drives people nuts. Ever think that may be the intention?

    Truly inspiring.

    the time is coming quickly to let go of all the hate
    C'mon let's do it peacfully, you know it's getting late
    the other way, is too difficult, to even contemplate
    let's do it for ourselves you see,and figure our own fate
    we'll do this thing as faithful should, before it is too late
    I'm not condemning pleasure, stuff, and all of that
    it's just we need to spread us some, before we get too fat
    so many right around us, need more from this old life
    than going shopping on the weekend,watching TV, with the wife
    a switch turned on in many of us, just the other day
    the TRUTH is just so obvious, there's nothing much to say
    it's clear that the talking, is all about just done
    it's now by action of ourselves, that the peace be won
    that means that many of our time, are now fast on the move,
    to straighten out our conciousness, follow a new groove.

    Groove ON!! cheers glenn

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