29 Dec 2015

The Department of Homeland Security reports a 101 percent increase of illegal immigrant minors crossing into the U.S. through the Texas border.

Earlier this month, the Rio Grand Valley Border Patrol sector reported a 101 percent increase of unaccompanied alien children (UAC) and a 154 percent increase of family units crossing the border illegally. These figures reflect apprehension numbers in October and November 2015 and compare them to the same time period last year, KRGV 5 reported.

Border Patrol said they’ve caught more than 300,000 people trying to cross into the country illegally, actually reflecting 337,117 apprehensions nationwide. DHS said this is a 30 percent decrease from 2014, also reporting Immigration and Customs Enforcement removed or returned 235,413 individuals considered border security public safety threats, up 9 percent over the past two years.

Because of the latest influx, Gov. Greg Abbott ordered National Guard troops to remain on Texas’ Rio Grande Valley border adjacent to Mexico. It is not known how many guardsmen will remain in the area or for how long.

The DHS is planning nationwide raids to deport that could begin as soon as January, targeting those people who crossed the border illegally during the 2014 border surge. According to KRGV 5, Immigration and Customs Enforcement will focus on adults and children who were ordered to be removed from the country by an immigration judge. Officials said many of those orders of removal could be in response to those illegal immigrants not showing up for their immigration hearings.

In November, Breitbart Texas’ Bob Price reported on the flood of UAC’s crossing the border during September and October. The White House seemed surprised about the increase despite being warned in September by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

In December Breitbart Texas reported Governor Abbott being forced to issue state emergency funds to two counties in North Texas where “temporary” camps for UAC’s were being established.

“Texas is overrun now with people who are coming to Texas from across the globe,” the Texas governor said.