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    1st Hispanic mayor cand. in Waukegan/proof 287g working...

    There is a restaurant in town that has all the free newspapers; La Raza, Hoy, etc... I pick them up every Friday. I read the (translated) article below today. On one hand it shows there have been changes in Waukegan since 287g was applied for in July. A real estate agent has quantified the changes. On the other hand if he won -it's back to square one. Stay tuned as to how this turns out... Of course no mention of illegal immigrants...

    Want Hispanic mayor

    The first Hispanic candidate for the presidency of municipal Waukegan accused of divisiveness to Latinos, which in his view know seize Anglo politicians in this city.

    La Raza

    Abraham Figueroa has been spent over the past three years to sell houses for a company 100% local.

    Like the rest of the citizens and merchants, Figueroa said that sales are no longer as before, and blames immigration raids and strict fines in the city by the fall in economic activity.

    Concerned about this, Abraham Figueroa struck proclaimed "candidate" for mayor in 2008 during a meeting of traders held last week.

    While nobody suggested, nor repents of his early precandidatura independent. "Because slowly realizing people will call me and starts to learn a bit more," said Figueroa, one week after making the announcement.

    "It's a preliminary decision that I have taken, and I need to see the comundiad is interested to know whether we have strength in Waukegan," said real estate expert.

    Figueroa is originally from Tonatico, Mexico, and a majority of the people who reside there was born in Waukegan, where they have formed the largest immigrant community among the 90,000 inhabitants which has the city.

    Figueroa reached USA 23 years ago, before selling houses and worked in a company as technical quality.

    For three years beginning in the real estate business, where it has been released gradually.

    "If I see that there is not enough interest by the people I will not expose and shame to happen," anticipated the interviewee.

    Without mentioning names, he stressed that there are up to 10 in Waukegan Hispanic organizations, but divided and therefore their work will be the Bush Administration for this political project.

    "Everyone is working on their side, and the Anglo-Saxon community, we can win easily. This is the message given by us, we are all divided, "Figueroa strikes.

    Pre explained that seek a dialogue and to gather local Hispanic community activists, while admitting that there is interest, "but it is one thing to say it and another are the facts," he said.

    Figueroa knows in advance that he expects a very difficult path and no guarantees to anyone who is the candidate; The decision will make available in late January or early February for the elections in November 2008.

    "I do not want to do mezclarme with any party, I want to be independent," predicted political candidate.

    Figueroa said that does not want to register with a party to avoid compete in a primary election, and avoided discussing their political reasons.

    The date for the next meeting of traders Figueroa still unknown, but expected that it would be four more weeks in which continue talking about their plans.

    It should be noted that the meetings have convened more than 50 local businessmen have been chaired by Porfirio Garcia, owner of the company where he works Abraham Figueroa.

    In this regard, the mayoral candidate clarifies and distance of anyone who wants to connect with a group or person: "I just took my decision to run. I want to see the nterés of people who want to work, "he said.

    Far yet of a possible political campaign, Figueroa refuses to make statements and promises of aid, as they said that is not the way we work.

    However, what it does reflect is that he would like to eliminate the large fine of $ 500 for driving without a license and without insurance, and in return the city to issue such licenses and to be recognized by other neighboring towns.

    "I have a notion that my campaign promises and would not have done the work plan," said Abraham.

    The seller of homes that aspires to become a politician, before selling of 4-6 homes per month, but now can only sell to 1-2, "and sometimes none."

    Figueroa has realized what is happening in the city, and as a seller of real estate ensures that the Latino people are leaving their homes and Waukegan.

    "Just leave the city or country and stop paying until the bank calls," says the candidate also wanted to "escape".

    "I also wanted to leave Waukegan and seek other horizons. But there is also good flee and leave so many people who need help, "he said.

    In Waukegan there is a fine case to seize people without a license or insurance, (mostly undocumented), and July 16 town council approved the request Immigration (ICE) training to detain undocumented.

    As additional information to this interview, at least three lawsuits have been won by citizens against alleged abuses of the city, including Alejandro Dominguez who must receive $ 9 million.

    "If we put our grain of sand, and if we do things with love we can have a much better Waukegan," says Figueroa.

    Another case still pending is the death of Roberto Gonzalez, who died when he was detained by police in January 2007.

    Following the accusations, and dissemination in the media, Mayor Richard Hyde went twice to give explanations to the Sagrada Familia church.

    Without greater results only informed of the establishment of "committees" that has not yielded reports.

    "If the city made the difference people would be very grateful. In fact there are people who say they like Waukegan, but have as a penalty for being persecuted, and most of all they want a chance, "said Abraham.

    "Now we see changes, businesses are no longer as before, have less income. Some businesses have begun to close, "the first Latino candidate. © La Raza
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    "Just leave the city or country and stop paying until the bank calls," says the candidate also wanted to "escape".
    Sounds like the Senators in Illinois. Maybe he should take a shot at the Senate.

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    As Mayor, he wants to do away with fines for no license and insurance?

    Perhaps he should put a little studying before his lofty ambitions. Last time I checked, it's states which set the laws and fines for MV offenses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by azwreath
    Perhaps he should put a little studying before his lofty ambitions. Last time I checked, it's states which set the laws and fines for MV offenses.
    Do you mean that the federal government has not yet usurped that authority from the states? Surely drivers licenses and auto insurance for illegal aliens should be covered under the federal responsibility for immigration laws.

    Some federal judge somewhere is missing a golden opportunity to stab his American citizen neighbors in the back.
    One man's terrorist is another man's undocumented worker.

    Unless we enforce laws against illegal aliens today,
    tomorrow WE may wake up as illegals.

    The last word: illegal aliens are ILLEGAL!

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