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    California or ground zero of the invasion

    2 charged in alleged plot to ship engines, missiles to China ... /602090949]

    Published Thursday, February 9, 2006
    2 charged in alleged plot to ship engines, missiles to China

    AP Legal Affairs Writer

    MIAMI A Taiwanese national was charged Thursday in a federal indictment with acting as a covert Chinese agent and attempting to buy and export military parts and weaponry, including an F-16 fighter engine and sophisticated cruise missiles.

    Ko-Suen "Bill" Moo, of Taipei, is also accused in a nine-count grand jury indictment with attempting to pay a $500,000 bribe to gain release from U.S. custody. Frenchman Maurice Serge Voros of Paris is also charged in the indictment.

    Federal investigators say Moo and Voros attempted to buy and ship to China the F-16 engine, engines for U.S.-made Blackhawk helicopters, cruise missiles and air-to-air missiles. Such activities are illegal under the Arms Export Control Act.

    The case is the latest in a growing number of examples of Chinese agents or front companies attempting to buy or illegally divert U.S.-made weapons, military components and sensitive technology. There have been more than 400 such investigations since 2000, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

    "This case raises particular concerns given some of the items to be exported," said Jesus Torres, special agent in charge of the Miami ICE office.

    Moo has been in custody in Miami since November after being charged in an earlier grand jury indictment and has pleaded not guilty to the illegal export charges. The new indictment added Voros to the case - he remains a fugitive - and brought the Chinese agent and bribery charges against Moo.

    According to the indictment, Moo and Voros began attempting to acquire the engines and missiles in early 2004. They initially sought to buy 70 Blackhawk engines for delivery to China, but Moo subsequently indicated that acquiring the F-16 engine was more important.

    Moo allegedly met in August 2005 with people he thought could make the engine deal but were actually undercover ICE agents. He showed them documents indicating that China sought to purchase AGM-129 cruise missiles - which can carry nuclear warheads and feature stealth technology - and AIM-120 air-to-air missiles.

    After that meeting, Moo deposited $3.9 million in a Swiss bank account to pay for the weaponry, according to the indictment.

    Another meeting was allegedly held at a Broward County hotel to finalize the F-16 engine deal and Moo later identified an airport in China as its final destination. A day after wiring $140,000 to a Miami bank account to cover the shipment costs, Moo allegedly inspected the engine he thought he was buying in Homestead on Nov. 8, the indictment says.

    Moo was arrested soon after that "inspection."

    If convicted on all counts, Moo would face up to 50 years in prison and Voros could get up to 35 years behind bars.

    "This case highlights the national security threat posed when agents of a foreign government seek to illegally acquire and export American military weaponry," said U.S. Attorney R. Alexander Acosta.

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    And guess where Communist China gets the funds to pay for these weapons!

    Walmart Shoppers!

    What part of "We don't owe our jobs to India" are you unable to understand, Senator?

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    Wal-Mart is sucking down standards around the world

    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Greenwald
    Wal-Mart is sucking down standards around the world...

    Critical documentary on Wal-Mart stirs Berlin fest

    Quote Originally Posted by Erik Kirschbaum of Reuters
    The film...portrays Wal-Mart Stores Inc as a monster that destroys the fabric of small towns by killing off small business with discount prices, and as a firm paying poverty-level wages without adequate health cover.

    So, what else is new about Communist China's factory outlet, Walmart shoppers?

    All the latest Walmart News Right here:

    What part of "We don't owe our jobs to India" are you unable to understand, Senator?

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    I want one of those shirts! "Always Low Wages!" ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!
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