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    2 views of Arizona's border issue;MM plan splits lawmakers ... man01.html

    2 views of Arizona's border issue
    'Minuteman' plan splits lawmakers

    Apr. 1, 2005 12:00 AM

    The people patrolling the Arizona-Mexico border not only are drawing international attention, but also are luring state lawmakers to the highly volatile region.

    Some policymakers are flocking to southern Arizona to join the "Minuteman Project" while others are making the trek to oppose.

    Republic reporter Elvia D√ɬ*az talked with Republican Rep. Russell Pearce of Mesa and Democratic Rep. Ben Miranda of Phoenix. Here are their opposing views and why they opted to travel to the border this week.

    President Bush characterized the Minuteman Project as vigilantes. What does that term mean to you?

    Pearce: It means the president is very misinformed. These are Americans standing for America and they wouldn't have to do this if the federal government did its job. Citizens are moved to have to protect their own country.

    Miranda: A vigilante group represents a necessity by society to take laws into their owns hands because there is a complete absence of law enforcement.

    Do these groups have a legitimate reason to patrol the border?

    Pearce: Absolutely they do. Four million people are crossing the border illegally. If that's not an invasion, then I don't know what it is. Eighty percent of violent crime in the Valley is committed or involving illegal aliens. And they cost us millions of dollars in terms of education, criminal justice and welfare. Where does it end? It's about time Americans stand for America.

    Miranda: It's an expression of frustration being fed by extremist groups. Extremist groups are drawn to controversy where people are frustrated, but aren't adding an ounce of solution to the immigration problem. There is no question the people along the border are suffering financially in trying to support the increased need for medical services and law enforcement.

    Is it wise for individuals to take the law into their own hands?

    Pearce: Wise or not they are forced to do it. They are forced to because of the malfeasance in the part of the federal government.

    Miranda: Absolutely not. There is adequate law enforcement available in the area to handle the problem. It's beyond the ability of anyone to control the influx of what I call economic refugees.

    The federal government is sending 500 more agents to the Arizona border. Should that be enough for the Minuteman Project to back off?

    Pearce: No. The federal government promised 2,000 just this year. I'm tired just like most Americans who want the border secure and the laws enforced.

    Miranda: That's up to them. They are going to be drawn to this issue until this country comes up with a sound, reasonable and rational immigration policy.

    What are you accomplishing by going to the border?

    Pearce: Very simply, showing my support for America. Eighty percent of America wants to do something about the border and I'll stand by them.

    Miranda: The visit to southern Arizona by these vigilante groups has converted this issue into a public forum to express a point of view about immigration.
    "This country has lost control of its borders. And no country can sustain that kind of position." .... Ronald Reagan

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    Re: 2 views of Arizona's border issue;MM plan splits lawmake

    Pearce: Very simply, showing my support for America. Eighty percent of America wants to do something about the border and I'll stand by them.
    Note to the GOP: 2006 will be your Waterloo.
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    Unfortunately, the record of the Democrats is equally abysmal. Enforce immigration laws!

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