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    3rd MA Town pushes for resident aliens to vote

    This article was published in the Boston Herald today, the town of Wayland is joining Cambridge and Amherst in calling for resident aliens to have the ability to vote in our elections.

    Wayland pushes voting rights for legal immigrants
    By Katie Liesener/ Wayland Town Crier
    Wednesday, May 3, 2006 - Updated: 01:42 AM EST

    Defying the anti-immigrant lobby, a third Bay State town is calling for local voting rights to legal immigrants who pay taxes, send their kids to school but cannot take part in grassroots democracy.

    Wayland voters this week agreed to join Cambridge and Amherst in asking the state Legislature to grant local voting rights to legal permanent resident immigrants.

    “The rationale is simple - they pay taxes, and should have a voice in how those taxes are spent,” said Kim Reichelt, who pushed the successful Wayland vote at Town Meeting.

    Permanent resident aliens are immigrants who have completed a long process to obtain a green card, must pay taxes and register to serve in the military.

    Reichelt is hoping that as an affluent suburb with Republican representation in the State House, Wayland can help broaden support for the issue.

    What will be next, voting in these towns for illegal aliens? Good Grief!!!
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    Only citizens should be allowed to vote, period. Immigrants can leave if things get bad here, we have to stay, so we as citizens should have control over our elected officals.

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