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    4 Brazilian Migrants Arrested After Illegally Crossing Canadian Border

    4 Brazilian Migrants Arrested After Illegally Crossing Canadian Border

    by Bob Price 22 Mar 2020

    Detroit Sector Border Patrol agents working near the Canadian border with Michigan arrested four illegal aliens from Brazil during an alleged human smuggling attempt.

    Marysville Station Border Patrol agents observed a vehicle loitering near the Canadian border on March 16. The area is the scene of several recent human smuggling attempts, according to information obtained from Detroit Sector Border Patrol officials.

    A short time later, a local law enforcement officer stopped the vehicle and requested assistance from Border Patrol agents. When the agents arrived on the scene they conducted immigration interviews and determined the driver and passenger to be Brazilian nationals who were illegally present in the U.S., officials stated.

    At about the same time, other Border Patrol agents found two people walking along the roadway that parallels the Canadian border with Michigan. Because of recent smuggling activity in the area, the agents stopped the people and conducted an immigration interview and determined the subjects were also Brazillian nationals.

    The two migrants told the agents they had just the St. Claire river from Canada and illegally entered the U.S. The Brazilians admitted they were to meet up with the two people in the car that were being detained by other agents.

    “Even with the ongoing pandemic, transnational criminal organizations will continue to operate. The men and women of Detroit Sector remain vigilant, and I couldn’t be prouder of their dedication,” Detroit Sector Chief Patrol Agent Douglas Harrison said in a written statement.

    The two people in the vehicle now face federal charges for alien smuggling under 8 USC 1324. The two illegal border crossers face charges for Illegal Entry into the U.S. under 8 USC 1325.
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    Hand them over to their Embassy or Consultate to make their travel arrangement back home and escort them to the plane!

    No more free U.S. taxpayer funded airline tickets! We are not their travel agent.

    Stop forcing us to pay for their airfare with our tax dollars!!!



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    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

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