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    600 Jobs Saved, 5000 Fired.

    Good/Bad News. 600 Jobs Saved, 5000 Fired.

    First the good news:

    25 Jobs plus 575 threatened jobs were just saved. Apple Computer is recalling 25 jobs (previously offshored to Bang Town, India), and cancelling plans to move 575 more American jobs to India. ... 612033.cms

    When you read the article, you're supposed to feel sorry for the people in India who are getting 2 months severance and then laid off. Never mind, there're 5000 new job vacancies available to them as described below.

    Bad News:

    Sun will fire 5000 California employees ... hp/3610331

    Guess where the replacement workers are?

    "Coincidentally," Sun is opening a new facility in Hyderabad, INDIA

    Guess where the money is going?
    Poor, cash strapped, SUN is sending $50 MILLION to India ... illion.htm

    Not just Bang Town, hundreds of thousands of America's jobs
    go to Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai (Bombay), Kolkata (Calcutta), and Dehli.
    and the identity theft center, Pune.

    What part of "We don't owe our jobs to India" are you unable to understand, Senator?

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    Who is in control?

    I read about this in e-week magazine, as I was an IT professional prior to retirement from the military. This jackass of an administration and senate are doubling the number of H1B holders; yet you see thousands of blogs from displaced IT professionals looking for work. The way things are progressing we will become a third world country in line with Comrade Bush's Global Manifesto as most of the technology jobs will be overseas with what few remaining filled by H1B holders at a low wage base. The once existent middle class will be relegated to peddling fruits and vegetables. This administration and senate has to go before they ruin this country.

    1. Iraq mess
    2. Immigration mess
    3. New Orleans still unprepared for 2006 hurricane season
    4. "Loss" of my and other veterans and active duty personnel information to drug cartels and illegal aliens
    5. Just being jackasses and wastes of taxpayer dollars

    IMPEACH BUSH NOW!!!!!!!!!!

    THE SENATE: The most corrupt institution money can buy!!!!!!!

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