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    7 lawyers gunned down in Guadalajara law firm.

    TRANSLATED FROM: ... 326139.htm

    The number of dead rises to seven in a shooting against lawyers in a law firm in Mexico.

    The death of an injured woman raised the number to seven, the number of dead people who where gunned down by supposed hitmen of organized crime at a law firm in Guadalajara, in the western part of Mexico, reported official sources.

    The victims were found inside their office on Thursday, all with their hands tied, gagged and some shot in the head.

    According to the local press, the office that was attacked belonged the lawyer Raúl Garcia Valencia, who presumedly was the defense attourney of Archibaldo Iván Guzmán, a.k.a 'el Chapito', son of the leader of the cartel of Sinaloa, Joaqu*n 'Chapo' Guzmán, one of the most sought bosses by the American and Mexican authorities

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    So if we were to make illicit drugs legal this would stop?

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    Immigration Lawyers????

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    This is serious stuff folks, just look at the grief on those peoples faces.
    The thing is it's only going to get worse cauce the drug cartles are at war with one another.
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