77 Migrants are Discovered in Texas Stash Houses Close to the Border

Jose Nino
Nov 22, 2021

Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley sector recently apprehended 77 migrants during several human smuggling stash-house raids.

According to Bob Price of Breitbart News, the agents discovered migrants packed in three different houses located slightly north of the Rio Grande.

Originally, agents carried out what seemed like a routine stop on November 17 close to Alamo, Texas. While conducting an interview with the passengers of a gray Chevrolet Silverado, the agents realized that the individuals they were dealing with came illegally to the United States.

Upon further investigation, the agents learned that the migrants were being held in a human stash house close by. The agents reached out to the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office for help and carried out an inspection of the property.

Agents discovered six migrants still being held in the stash house, according to a report by law enforcement officials. The agents found that the migrants were nationals from Honduras and Mexico.

A few hours later, Rio Grande Valley Sector agents got word about another human smuggling stash house close to Weslaco. The agents cooperated with local sheriff’s deputies to search the residence.

Once they entered the house, the agents discovered seven migrants from Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico.

Officials subsequently transported all of the migrants to processing facilities in the area.

On November 13, agents banded together with Starr County Sheriff’s Office deputies to investigate a stash house in Roma. After they searched the stash house, they were able to apprehend 11 Central American migrants.

Agents at the McAllen Station received a call for help from a migrant who was being held captive in a stash house in McAllen, Texas.

The agents headed to the suspected stash house accompanied by McAllen Police Department officers and witnessed a vehicle drop off several people.

The agents then proceed to investigate the house and discovered 53 migrants stuffed inside. According to agents’ account of the incident, the migrants were identified as nationals from Central American countries.

Two females had to receive medical attention and were subsequently transported to a local hospital.

Human trafficking is part and parcel of the open borders order we live in. Criminal actors in Mexico and Central America pick up on the US’s lax border enforcement and draw up many ways to smuggle people into the country and design lucrative human trafficking operations.

It’s ironic that the Left, which yammers on about human rights and humanitarianism, supports policies — like open borders in this case — that creates humanitarian crises.

The only way to avert such disasters is by securing our borders and sending a message to criminal actors that their activities will be clamped down upon at our border.