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Thread: 9/11 Commissioner Blames ‘Pandering’ to Illegals for Broken Visa System

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    9/11 Commissioner Blames ‘Pandering’ to Illegals for Broken Visa System

    Video at source link.

    on Breitbart TV 11 Sep 2014, 10:45 AM PDT

    Former Secretary of the Navy and member of the 9/11 Commission John Lehman blamed “pandering” for the failure to fix America’s visa system despite the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

    He reported that “we had strongly recommended that there be as much attention given to the exit of visitors as the entry. We’ve fixed the entry part...[but] there are terrorists in this country that have come in today on tourist visas or student visas that there’s no way to keep track of, they disappear, so that’s got to be fixed.”

    When asked why the visa system had not been fixed, he responded “there are too many politicians, particularly in many urban centers, that are pandering to illegal people or otherwise people that don’t want to reveal who or where they are.” And “illegals don’t want to have to prove that they’re in this country [legally] to get social services in the cities or travel on an airplane, and so it’s pure and simple crass politics that has blocked it.”
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    Best way to fix it is to deport all aliens here illegally, plain and simple. Costs someone will ask? Damn the cost, I believe that it is National Security, and compared to all the wars, excuse me, warlike action what is the cost. How much money did 9/11 cost? We cannot claim to be a peace loving nation, we are always exercising war action some where, many times because we do not defend our borders!
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