America Needs Secure Borders
August 09, 2008 10:00 AM EST
by: J. D. Longstreet

A country cannot call itself a 'sovereign' country if it is not in control of its borders. A country cannot claim control of its territory IF it DOES NOT control its borders.

I am of the opinion, and have been for a few years now, that there is a movement afoot within the government of this country(?) to do away with borders entirely. It is a 'globalist' movement. It is the nutty idea that we are all brothers and sisters and we are one country (You know' 'We Are The World''), not the 194 countries recognized AS countries by the US State Department today.

I am referred to often, by those who disagree with me, as being a 'nationalist'. I plead guilty. I AM a nationalist' and proud of it!

Back in the days of yore, when I went to school, we students DID stand at our desks, hands over hearts, and recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag EVERY morning. Before the school system had an intercom system all students met for 'morning assembly' in the school's auditorium. It was there we recited the Pledge of Allegiance, and then, the principal would read a bit of scripture and we all recited the Lord's Prayer''and then' we began out studies. We KNEW OUR country was America' the United States of America. There was no confusion about it. We knew where the borders were and we knew why they were there' and, again, we KNEW WE were AMERICANS! And we were PROUD!

The past couple of generations of American 'scholars' haven't been that fortunate. They are confused about who and what they are. They have no problem with outsiders sneaking across those invisible lines to our north and south' not to mention the eastern and western borders with their white sands and rocky outcroppings.

Seems to me there is a distinct lack of 'belonging' amongst the baby-boomers and their offspring. It is sad, really.

Everyone NEEDS to belong. It is a part of being a human being. But, there is also a reason we have tribes and clans and families and, yes, COUNTRIES. The need to belong, though strong, is simply not strong enough to encompass a world, any world. Embracing the world as your family is one of those liberal, feel good, warm and fuzzy philosophies that is, well, awfully nice to sit around, taking deep drags from a self rolled tetrahydrocannabinol cigarette (POT!) and mindfully musing while contemplating your navel. Other than that, it is totally worthless.

Our friends on the left have been dismantling families and clouding the meaning of the word 'family' in a successful attempt to disconnect us from the nucleus of society.

Now, I am not a frequent visitor to the conspiracy theory farm, where those things are grown, but occasionally, a new thought springs fourth, unbidden, and it seems to have some validity. Currently, I have begun to look askance at the possibility of a movement to merge all the world's nations into a single global community. Of, course that would, of necessity, require a central government. That is to say' a one-world government. To make it possible, one must first disconnect those he wishes to reconnect to a world community, from their most important connection, and that is' their family. How? You redefine family. And that is what has happened.

Now, how has this any effect on what is happening on America's southern border? Well, I refer you to the second paragraph of this piece' where you will find the words: 'nutty idea'.

There is undeniably a movement underway, in our government, to merge the three countries of the North American continent (Mexico, The US, and Canada) into a single entity. We know this, although all parties concerned vehemently deny it. Allowing a free flow of citizens of all three countries, back and forth across the borders, will only hasten the day when we Americans will perceive our borders as, well, unnecessary. I mean, why have borders when we have become one 'super-country' anyway? Forgive my paranoia here if I sniff a conspiracy in the works!

I would remind you, the ONLY reason our southern border is being abused by our neighbors to the south is simply because the US Government wants them to do exactly what they are doing, flowing into our country in a virtual human tsunami which has already supplanted the largest minority in the country, African-Americans, and moved them into second place. The Latinos are now the number one minority in the US.

If the US government wanted the southern border secured they could do it' almost overnight. We have the means and the materiel. What we do NOT have is a government with the will to do it. It is as simple as that.

I have warned a number of times that eventually the citizens of this country will take matters into their own hands as they have done so many times in the country's history. When that happens, it will not be pretty, and it will most likely lead to a confrontation between the US Military and US Civilians. As I said' it will not be pretty.

I wish I could offer a solution. I mean, a solution that would solve the problem without violence. But each day that passes without the US government doing its duty by securing our borders, especially our southern border, only increases the momentum of the coming violent conflict along the southern border. ... ?id=33780#