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Thread: America's Senator, Jeff Sessions, Explains How a GOP Senate Can Unplug Obama's Amnest

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    America's Senator, Jeff Sessions, Explains How a GOP Senate Can Unplug Obama's Amnest

    America's Senator, Jeff Sessions, Explains How a GOP Senate Can Unplug Obama's Amnesty

    Limits To Growth
    Nov 4, 2014

    Senator Jeff Sessions has a straight-forward plan to block the President’s lawless executive amnesty by using Congress’ power of the purse.

    He appeared on Newsmax TV to clarify:

    Mitt Romney stated on Fox News Sunday that a Republican Senate should pass an amnesty bill that would “actually reach the desk of the president” to show how the GOP Congress can get things done.

    What an odd thing to say two days before an important election. Voters don’t want to elect a new crew who will merely legitimize the hated Obama amnesty. Citizens want their immigration laws to be enforced, not ignored.

    Fortunately, Senator Sessions has the right idea about a strategy to benefit American workers, not lawbreaking foreigners:
    Senator Sessions: Obama wants immigration amnesty; your vote can stop it, Fox News, By Sen. Jeff Sessions, November 02, 2014

    A nation’s first loyalty must be to its own citizens.

    But the immigration policies of President Obama and Congressional Democrats help only billionaire special interests, amnesty activists, and the citizens of other countries – while reducing jobs and pay for our own.

    Every single Senate Democrat voted for the Obama-backed plan to provide immediate work permits to 12 million illegal immigrants – allowing them to compete for any job in America. This legislation would also double the rate at which low-wage guest workers are brought into the U.S. to fill jobs throughout the economy.

    Further, the legislation would triple the rate of permanent immigration, giving lifetime work permits and citizenship to over 30 million immigrants over the next ten years.

    America already has the world’s most generous immigration policy. The foreign-born population is at record levels, quadrupling since 1970. Since 2000, the U.S. has issued nearly 30 million lawful visas to foreign guest workers and permanent immigrants. During that time, all net employment gains among the working-age went to immigrant workers.

    This large surplus of labor has also pulled down wages –- family incomes are down more than $3,000 since 2009 alone.

    Harvard Professor Dr. George Borjas estimates that our current high immigration rates result in a wage loss of $402 billion every year for competing American workers.

    Imagine then what will happen if we double the supply of foreign labor. For many Americans, who will be pushed out of the workforce altogether, their wages will be reduced to zero.

    Democrats running for Senate pour millions into ads complaining special interests have too much influence. And yet every Senate Democrat candidate has voted for the crown jewel of the corporate lobbyist agenda: mass amnesty and uncontrolled immigration.

    Their plan is championed by open borders billionaires like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg – global CEOs who don’t think you’re entitled to the same protections their gates and fences provide them.

    In fact, these immigration lobbyists have so little regard for you, that they are meeting in secret with the White House right now to plan executive amnesty orders. These orders, planned for after the election, would implement, by executive fiat, the sweeping amnesty that was rejected by the Republican House.

    The planned order would include work permits for millions of illegal immigrants while substantially boosting the supply of new foreign labor– taking precious jobs directly from struggling Americans.

    Efforts by Republican Senators to block this illegal amnesty were repeatedly thwarted by Leader Harry Reid’s Senate Democrat majority.

    Immigration enforcement has already been decimated. Interior removals have plummeted more than 40% since 2009. Forty thousand illegal immigrant family members who had just recently crossed the border were released by the feds and failed, predictably, to appear in court. People just show up at the border and are simply released into the country – free to claim local benefits funded by U.S. taxpayers.

    Seventy percent of asylum applications show warning signs of fraud. ICE officers report that they are barred from enforcing immigration law against the millions who illegally overstay their visas – a number surging every single day.

    Internal DHS documents show that there are 167,000 convicted criminal aliens who were ordered deported but are at large in the U.S. and released from custody.

    The administration’s non-enforcement directives have placed almost the entire illegal immigrant and overstay population beyond the reach of law enforcement. The president’s own former ICE director explained: “If you are a run-of-the-mill immigrant here illegally, your odds of getting deported are close to zero.”

    If the president’s promised executive amnesty goes through, we will functionally have open borders in America.

    But the citizens of this country, through their vote, have the power to stop it.

    The elite denizens of Washington and Wall Street scorn and mock the good and decent people of this country for wanting their laws enforced and their communities protected. They try to make you feel bad for having sensible and rational concerns about how uncontrolled immigration impacts your jobs, schools, neighborhoods, and community resources.

    After years of mass immigration, falling wages, and surging joblessness, isn’t it time we focused on the needs of the people living here today? Isn’t it time we got our own people back to work?

    But these cosmopolitan elites, these great citizens of the world, turn a blind eye to the suffering and poverty in their own backyards. These “Masters of the Universe” have forgotten that a nation owes its first loyalty to its own citizens.

    And they want you to believe that you can’t win.

    But they are so wrong.

    And with your vote, you have the power to prove them wrong. You have the power to deliver a message they won’t forget.

    Republican Jeff Sessions represents Alabama in the United States Senate. He is ranking member of the Budget Committee.
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    Thank the Lord for Senator Jeff Sessions! I wish he were our President because he would enforce our laws and borders!

    We all need to listen to what Senator Sessions says closely and follow his lead as much as possible. He is one of the very few sane members of the US Senate that is still loyal to the Constitution and American public.

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    I am not convinced that all republicans elected today will fully be anti-amnesty. That seems to be akin to believing in the tooth fairy.
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    Sessions understands the situation and writes clearly and unequivocally about it. And as W posted, he is loyal to these United States and our people.

    Let's look for ways to support him.
    Americans first in this magnificent country

    American jobs for American workers

    Fair trade, not free trade

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    The republican party was in power overseeing the engineering of the Great Recession. Dad always placed the Great Depression at the feet of the republican party, Hoover specifically. Two huge financial collapses in less than a century at the hand of the republicans is proof enough for me to be very convinced on preponderance of evidence. If we do t learn from history we are condemned to repeating mistakes. I am not pro-democrat either. There is no one in Washington I've voted for, nor will there be in January. It is truly a shame considering all of America's accomplishments, we have not created a political system that serves Americans first.

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    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

    Sign in and post comments here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinssdad View Post
    There is no one in Washington I've voted for, nor will there be in January. It is truly a shame considering all of America's accomplishments, we have not created a political system that serves Americans first.
    It sure seems like that, sometimes.

    I never thought that I would even think this, let alone say it, but the Tea Party sometimes comes closest to my idea of being pro-American. I can't really get with some of their small government talk, but I do like that they are not embarassed about being pro-American.
    Americans first in this magnificent country

    American jobs for American wokers

    Fair trad, not free trade
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