'Angel Mom' Slams CA Gov. on Sanctuary Law: 'I Would Expect My Government to Protect Us'

April 21, 2018

An organization founded by parents whose children were killed by illegal immigrants filed a ballot initiative in California this week seeking to impose criminal penalties on law enforcement and government officials who don't comply with federal immigration officials.

Fight Sanctuary State, led in part by "angel parents," is looking to repeal Senate Bill 54, which limits cooperation between local authorities and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials.

"Thousands of Americans are being killed at the hands of criminal illegal aliens and [California Gov. Jerry Brown] is protecting them," said spokesperson Agnes Gibboney.

"As a legal immigrant, I would expect my government to protect us American citizens," she added.

Gibboney's son was killed by an illegal immigrant in 2002.

"Let's be honest. There's a lot of politics in this on all sides," Brown said Tuesday after being pressed on the issue by Fox News' Griff Jenkins.

Brown then accused Fox News of "exploiting" the issue of illegal immigrants committing crimes.

"With all due respect, I want to protect people," he said, muttering "Fox nonsense" as he walked away.

A new Department of Homeland Security report revealed at least 140 suspected gang members were released due to lack of participation between ICE and local immigration authorities.

The report also said that two-thirds of the total releases were in California, a state with a heavily debated sanctuary law.