6 Aug 2015

It’s still all the Donald. He was the big man on stage.

They challenged him in that first question about supporting the eventual nominee — whomever it may be — and he was right to refuse. The issues he represents cannot be subordinated to party. One wishes he had hammered the immigration point in that first question, by saying: “Any candidate who doesn’t respond to the threat of uncontrolled immigration cannot represent me.” He’d better understand that’s his signature issue. Other than that, he sounds informed, smart, and presidential. Brilliant on Obamacare. Brilliant on giving money to politicians. Brilliant on immigration.

Cruz did the best after Trump, including pointing out that he was the only one to vote against Rubio’s amnesty, which he called “Schumer’s amnesty.”

Walker was good, but his best moment came after the debate when he made a point with Hannity of saying he wanted to do something about our uncontrolled legal immigration, too.

After that, the rest of them were hapless. None can speak to central issue of our day. They’re all so enthralled by business interests, they’ve convinced themselves that that thing with Eric Cantor didn’t happen.

Christie made a good hit on Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), but this Tony Soprano thing doesn’t work, especially for someone beholden to Wall Street.

Jeb looks more like Caitlyn Jenner every day.

Kasich said nothing memorable, other than obviously refusing to answer the question on immigration. His past statement is that he’s for amnesty because “undocumented immigrants” are in the image of God. Yeah, so are the other 4-5 billion humans on earth. Do we have to take them all in to collect Americans’ welfare and vote in American elections? Or are they not quite so much in the image of God? Mostly, he has got to drop that obsession with telling people that his father was a mailman.

Rubio is a field mouse. He looks 14. He’s well-spoken, rather like an ingratiating bell boy at the hotel, who keeps trying to engage you in conversation every morning, so you duck into the elevator to avoid him.

Kasich’s humble origins, Abe Lincoln, I-walked-50-miles-to school crap seems to be contagious because we also found out… RUBIO’S FATHER WAS A BARTENDER!

Was that the bar where Cruz’s dad got drunk?