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    AR-Resurrected & Illegal Alien Education Bill Passed Sen

    URGENT ACTION - SB799 – Resurrected & Illegal Alien Education Bill Passed Senate Committee
    Elliott's Bill SB799 (post secondary education for illegal aliens) was resurrected today (it had previously failed on Monday) and passed out of committee. Dr. G. David Gearhart, Chancellor of the University of Arkansas system, testified before the committee today in favor. He said, " Hispanics are hard-working people.

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    At legislative hearings on HB1525, in 2005, a bill to give scholarships and in-state tuition by Joyce Elliott, several presidents of colleges spoke in favor of the bill. However when asked one by one by Senator Bisbee if they would hire these students when they graduated, these university presidents ALL admitted they would not. They knew they had to answer this way; otherwise they would be confessing they would be willing to be involved in criminal activity by hiring them.
    And it is not criminal activity permitting illegal students and their parents to be here taking jobs and places of American TAXPAYERS?

    Why does the elected officials listen to the illegals and not the taxpayers? Saying "NO" to illegal students or their parents.
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    Why Presidents Had to Say This: Pat Reilly, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, reported May, 08. "At the workplace, either the employer is knowingly hiring illegal immigrants or the job applicants are using fraudulent documents to get work, both of which are crimes beyond immigration offenses, Reilly said." (Taken from article, "North Carolina Pushes Ban on Illegal Immigrant Students" May 21, 2008
    Yet despite this fact, we continue to get these insane, in-state tuition bills for illegals (that American citizens cannot even get) that will only encourage additional law breaking on the part of of these scofflaws.

    And we all knows what comes next in this chain of progesssion! Once graduated, the pro-illegal forces will be demanding illegal invaders who graduate from college should be allowed to work in this country!

    They will either be demanding special work privileges, or outright citizenship for those who graduate from college. Once again, being illegal will convey special status since we do not give citizenship rights to foreign students who are legally in this country attending college, much less citizenship. Yet despite that fact, the illegals will feel they are entitled to citizenship, and they will demand it!

    And there will be enough traitors in our State Houses across this country whereby we will again, have to fight this garbage because too many of our elected officials have sold out the American people!
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