by Alicia Powe January 3, 2020

We Build TheWall Inc. is gearing up to complete construction of wall along the crime-ridden southern border with $25 million raised through a GoFundMe campaign.

But the crowdfunded nonprofit has faced bureaucratic hurdles each step of the way.

Now House Republicans are intervening to get the job done.

Intent on eliminating gridlock over border construction, more than a dozen GOP lawmakers in Arizona introduced a bill Thursday that would allow private organizations to build security barriers in the state without acquiring construction permits.

The bill, HB 2084, will create a “presumption of permission to build the international boundary wall on state land,” Peterson said in a statement Friday.

House Rep. Warren Petersen pledged in June to assist We Build The Wall with securing the border.

“I will be introducing legislation next session to make sure that @WeBuildtheWall can erect border walls on private property in AZ without impediment from state or local government,” tweeted Petersen, the House Majority Leader. “Their organization is making a real difference with the border crisis! All with private donations.”

Warren Petersen
I will be introducing legislation next session to make sure that @WeBuildtheWall can erect border walls on private property in AZ without impediment from state or local government. Their organization is making a real difference with the border crisis! All with private donations!

4:45 AM - Jun 3, 2019 · Gilbert, AZ

House Republicans co-sponsoring HB2084 include Nancy Barto, Leo Biasiucci, Frank Carroll, Regina Cobb, David Cook, John Fillmore, Mark Finchem, Travis Grantham, John Kavanagh, Becky Nutt, Kevin Payne, Steve Pierce, Bret Roberts, T.J. Shope, and Jeff Weninger. Republican State Senator Rick.

After congressional Democrats’ defied Trump’s request to appropriate funding for a border wall in 2018, triple amputee veteran Brian Kolfage created a GoFundMe, calling on the American public to step to the plate and fund the wall themselves. Within days, millions of ordinary citizens donated nearly $25 million of private contributions to assure the construction of the wall would become a reality.

As donations poured in, the decorated war hero teamed up with heavy hitters in the public policy arena, including former White House advisor Steve Bannon and former Reagan administration official and congressman Tom Tancredo, and reorganized his efforts to build a 400 mile, privately funded border wall a as a 501(c)(4), We Build the Wall Inc.

We Build The Wall completed the assembly of a 30-foot high, three-quarter mile-long section of the border wall on private property border El Paso, Texas and Sunland Park, in just four days in New Mexico last year over Memorial Day weekend.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf visited the site of the privately constructed wall during his first trip to the southern border in November and joined El Paso Border Patrol Chief Gloria Chavez in endorsing We Build The Wall.

The support of DHS, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the GOP is crucial to winning the war to secure the border from criminals and potential national security threats, Kolfage told the Gateway Pundit Friday.

“There is a major war in Mexico on our border and Republicans are now seeing the value in what We Build The Wall has to offer,” he said. “DHS Secretary Chad Wolfe and CBP chief fully endorsed our first wall, opening the door for wall construction on hundreds of miles of land from private citizens in Texas alone.”

“Now the state of Arizona as stepped up to allow us to gift this vital tool for national security to the citizens of Arizona. We are proud to be able to work with border patrol and Arizona to make this a reality. Our wall has been proven 100 percent effective.”

With the help of the American people, We Build the Wall could construct a wall along the entire 2000-mile border, Kolfage continued, noting, “If every Trump supporter donates $80, then the nonprofit could build a wall on the entire 2000-mile border. We’ve proven now that we can build wall.”

Donations can be made by calling (888 ) 299-WALL.

We Build The Wall is currently preparing to construct a second 3.5-mile portion of the wall on private land in Mission, Texas, but the project is curtailed as the organization fights an ongoing legal battle waged by a “deep state” government agency.

The International Boundary and Water Commission, which is half-owned by Mexico and half controlled by the United States, claims, would construction of a wall along the Rio Grande River is refusing to issue a permit to We Build The Wall for construction, warning a wall in the region would violate the United States’ 1970 international water treaty with Mexico by causing floods that would alter the course of the international waterway and destruct the shoreline.

Immediately after We Build The Wall completed construction of its first wall in New Mexico, IBCW Commissioner Jayne Harkins immediately ordered the gate to be permanently padlocked open and hundreds of illegal immigrants rampaged into the United States.

Now IBCW is demanding We Build The Wall submit a comprehensive hydrology report state of the art Light Detection and Ranging equipment, also known as LIDAR, that would prove a border wall would not cause catastrophic environmental damage on the river banks.

The case is pending litigation in the Southern District of Texas.