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    Arizona steps forward- Border trash a serious issue

    Arizona steps forward and addresses border trash as a serious issue
    by Karl W Hoffman on Jan. 07, 2011 The environmental impact caused by illegal immigration, and the trash left behind or placed along the American/Mexico Border, is increasingly being found in areas that are more fragile and remote.
    Border trash has gotten out of hand with more than 2000 tons of trash discarded anualy along the 370miles of the Arizona border. Illegal immigration is directly responsible for the discard of containers, clothing, vehicles, backpacks, hygiene and medical products, and human waste not to mention food containers and water jugs, left by the 10s of thousands, on human smuggling trails by humanitarian groups. This trash left behind is creating an adverse impact on vegetation, wildlife, natural erosion and causing water shed degradation.

    In an attempt to draw attention to the trash the State of Arizona has established a website for information and to seek volunteers to participate in cleanup efforts. The web site is funded by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.

    Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.

    Apprehensions of individuals by the U.S. Border Patrol as a result of illegal immigration vary every year. Current Border Patrol statistics indicate that about 110,000 border crossers will be captured during the current fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30, and doesn’t count the many others who get through. The border crossers leave approximately six to eight pounds of trash in the desert during his or her journey. The cost of disposing of this trash is high for local communities. Landfill fees range from $37 to $49 per ton in Southern Arizona. These fees do not include costs for materials, equipment, labor and transportation for the collection and transfer of the trash to the landfill.

    Characterizing the Impact

    Accumulated border trash has been shown to affect human health, the environment and economic wellbeing. Impacts include:

    •Strewn trash and piles
    •Illegal trails and paths
    •Erosion and watershed degradation
    •Damaged infrastructure and property
    •Loss of vegetation and wildlife
    •Campfires and escaped fires
    •Abandoned vehicles and bicycles
    •Vandalism, graffiti and site damage (historical and archaeological)
    •Occurrence of bio-hazardous waste ... ous-issue/

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    well it may look like nyc Now & it not funny clean up your ACT get after Obama you want it clean up they would Not do that Near the WH ?
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    In school we were taught that the tundra is so fragile that if you walk on it 20 years later your footsteps will still show. When I came to AZ a local taught me that the desert is the same way. I learned to see that. With so many rocks and the harsh sunlight people might not believe it but it is true - the desert is very fragile.
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    I wish they wouldn't just video the desert. Perhaps America should be enlightened as to the trash heaps illegals have made of what used to be great American towns.

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    Third World U.S.A

    Quote Originally Posted by escalade
    I wish they wouldn't just video the desert. Perhaps America should be enlightened as to the trash heaps illegals have made of what used to be great American towns.
    You are exactly correct. They are turning cities all across America Into huge grafffitti painted trash dumps. We are going "THIRD WORLD" at a record pace.

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