by Ildefonso Ortiz 8 Sep 2014

MCALLEN, Texas – Four illegal aliens from Mexico received a lengthy prison sentence for kidnapping, torturing, and raping a group of illegal immigrants at a stash house near the South Texas border.

During a sentencing hearing, Chief U.S. District Judge Ricardo Hinojosa sentenced ringleader Andres Perez Mosha, 37, to a 22-year-prison term. Hinojosa also sentenced 34-year-old Euclides Moreno Dominguez to 17 years in prison and handed down a 10 year prison term to 25-year-old Humberto Alvarez Cheo and 29-year-old Roberto Salinas Martinez.

The four men have been behind bars since November 2008 when agents with Homeland Security Investigation and the U.S. Border Patrol raided a stash house in Edinburg were 21 illegal immigrants were being kept by the four gunmen and a 16-year-old teenager who is Perez Mosha’s brother.

Breitbart Texas obtained court records show while interviewing the immigrants, agents learned that they had crossed into the U.S. near the border city of Hidalgo and taken to a stash house from where the four gunmen and the teen kidnapped them at gunpoint.

The gunmen took the 21 immigrants at gunpoint to a trailer home in the northern part of the County near Edinburg where they gang-raped three of the women at gunpoint multiple times. The rest of the immigrants were stripped and held against their will as they contacted their relatives demanding ransom money

One of the immigrants, a Guatemalan man, identified as Mario Rene Olivarez Cifuentes, told agents about the way the he was tied up and beaten in order to get money from his relatives. Other immigrants told the agents about how they had guns pointed at their heads and were pistol whipped.

The three women in the group were taken to local hospitals to get medical attention and eventually told authorities about the way they were sexually abused by the gunmen.

After their arrest, the four gunmen were charged with multiple counts of hostage taking and ended up pleading guilty to one count on February 18, 2011. Court records do not specify if the 16-year-old teenager was charged for his role in the case in federal court or if he was turned over to state authorities for prosecution.

The four men are set for deportation when their sentences are served.