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    Attkisson: Obama Admin Refusing to Tell Congress Where Illegal Children Went

    Video at source link.

    on Breitbart TV 3 Sep 2014, 3:17 PM PDT

    Wednesday on Newsmax TV's "The Steve Malzberg Show," former CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson said the Obama administration is refusing to tell Congress where the ten of thousands of unaccompanied minors who crossed the U.S.-Mexican Border this summer were sent after they were processed though holding centers along the border.

    Attkisson said the Obama administration seems to be intentionally stonewalling by not answering letters from members of Congress or reporters questions.

    She added the only recourse is a FOIA lawsuit that will take years to go though the system.
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    Take years for an FOIA lawsuit to work through the courts? Really? Do the courts not have a way to "fast track" important lawsuits? And so what if they find pukes years later. No valid ID, no Green Card, no birth certificate, your funky ass gets deported. So where is the Republican Congress to demand a "fast track" for compliance under FOIA. Come on no excuses. The courts and the politicians have been doing what the hell ever they want for a long time.

    We need more people in the streets. We need more "organized protest of one person."

    This stuff keeps going on and on, year after year. I know there are many patriots, particularly people who frequent this WEB site, who work really hard. But there are a great many do very little to nothing.

    There are tens of millions of self-aware conservatives. We have more than enough people to stop this stuff dead in its tracks if there was just a small percent increase of activists.

    The NRA has been very effective in stopping almost all efforts attacking the 2nd. Amendment. The NRA has a membership of 5 millions. Imagine what we could if we had a group that big or even 1 million members.

    I fear the apathy of those who are our "allies" more than I fear the power of the big money that keeps the fanatic left alive because without a viable opposition, a tiny group can do what they want.

    Considering the size of groups fighting amnesty--especially ALIPAC we have done amazing things to thwart the amnesty juggernaut. Imagine what we could do with a 5 millions membership.

    Stop preaching to the choir, do whatever you can to draw new people into the fight for national sovereignty. And if nothing else send $$ to ALIPAC.US because without $$ nothing happens. At least send some $$.
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