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    by Tedd Peck investigative reporter,
    with Edward Snook
    March 3, 2008

    SEATTLE, Washington – Two innocent and patriotic citizens’ dodge 64 IRS lethal bullets in a triumph for justice and the American way.

    Last Christmas, the spirit of the season bestowed upon a Montrose, CO couple the greatest gift of all, freedom! James and Pamela Moran, facing a possible 180 combined years of incarceration were found not guilty by a jury of their peers on all 64 charges of an indictment in a Federal Courtroom. This victory defied all odds because the Morans were convicted of the same charges in December of 2004. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the Moran’s 2004 convictions, granting them the new trial.

    Staying true to form the government once again indicted the Morans and a court date was set for early December of 2007. The government expected the same outcome from this trial as they experienced in the first one in 2004. Now enters a ringer for the Morans in Texas attorney, and former Golden Gloves Champion, Michael Minns. So it was back to Sleepless in Seattle for round two.

    This time the Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSA’s) would draw the darling of both the right wing and left wing, with G. Gordon Liddy on the right endorsing Minns as America's top criminal tax defense lawyer on his top rated national radio show. Liddy also plugged Minns’ book, "How to Survive the IRS" in 2001. On the left wing, Geraldo Rivera based two shows in 1991 and 1992 on innocent clients freed by Minns' remarkable legal skills, while endorsing Minns' best seller, "The Underground Lawyer.
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    America is a scary country with the IRS running like Bullies of the block. I never heard bout this story . 7 years of life gone cause of a tax code God himself could figure out . And they can thank God for Mr.Minns which i'm sure they have
    Nam vet 1967/1970 Skull & Bones can KMA .Bless our Brothers that gave their all ..It also gives me the right to Vote for Chuck Baldwin 2008 POTUS . NOW or never*

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