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    AZ: TUSD Changes Stance On May 1st Demonstration

    TUSD Changes Stance On May 1st Demonstration

    April 25, 2007 07:33 PM CDT

    By Som Lisaius, KOLD News 13

    Immigrant rights groups want local students to join them in a second year of May Day marches. But their call for a May 1st school boycott also renews the debate about where student activism stops and truancy begins.

    April 10 2006: 20 thousand people take to the streets of Tucson showing massive support for immigration reform. From a participation standpoint, the demonstration is viewed as a major success--so much, in fact, a second rally is held on May 1st. The May Day call to action brings hundreds more to Tucson's Armory Park. For activists, once again, the show of support is promising. That's why those same activists are at it again.

    "We're here knowing full well we will not have 20 thousand people the way they were last year," says Isabel Garcia, long-time civil rights activist and member of the May 1st Coalition. "Even if we're five people or five thousand people there has to be a voice of principled dissent."

    That's why the May 1st Coalition is calling for a boycott of all economic activity May 1st, meaning no buying, no selling, no work and no school. Thousands of last year's demonstrators were students. In fact, of Tucson Unified School District's 60,000 students, 36 thousand students missed school that day with excused absences. This year, TUSD has changed its take on the rally: all absences will be unexcused unless the district is notified by parents.

    "Our expectations are that our students and our staff are in school on Tuesday May 1st. TUSD Superintendent Roger Pfeuffer still encourages students to take part in the immigration debate, but he wants them to do so at school. Last year, a number of students experienced dehydration and heat exhaustion until TUSD buses picked them up from the event.

    This year, there'll be no buses. And if students do participate, Pfeuffer says, they'll do so at their own risk. "That's the message to parents, we are not providing transportation, we are not providing security."

    Last year, many of the students who participated came to school that day, then took off for the demonstration. This year, if students do decide to take part the superintendent asks them not to come to school that day at all. Either way, the demonstration will take place starting around 9 am Tuesday, May 1st.

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    If they march again, it will only anger Americans even more.

    They should stay out of the politics of this country because they are not American citizens. They have to leave and come legally.
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    I hope they march in mass (or is that en mas?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by CCUSA
    If they march again, it will only angry Americans even more.

    They should stay out of the politics of this country because they are not American citizens. They have to leave and come legally.
    I'd prefer them to just leave, take their anchor babies with them and not come back. Their anger, hatred for the US, corrupt mindsets and sense of entitlement knows no bounds. These mindsets and hatred have been handed down to the anchor baby generation. Not only are they culturally incompatible their anger and hatred for us and our laws is the equivalent of OBL
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    I saw this story air tonight and I said finally they've got a comment from the schools. The story from the activists has been running for days with Isabel Garcia calling for boycotts and don't go to school. I kept saying for the last several days, where are the schools on this!

    They sure took their sweet time to respond.
    Illegal aliens remain exempt from American laws, while they DEMAND American rights...

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    Students should be prevented from participating in any marches. They are too young and naive to have any real opinions and they only serve to distort the actual number of illegal supporters. If it weren't for the folks they bus in and the idiot students they would wind up with a mighty small "parade". The vast majority of these illegal couldn't care less about politics and citizenship, they're just here for a buck. Most of them plan on working a few years and saving a nest egg and then returning to Mexico. Yet, old George W. Bush is hell bent on forcing citizenship down all their throats.
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