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    Baldermann(R) Drops out of 11th Congressional Race

    Baldermann's dropout stuns both parties

    February 23, 2008
    By Susan DeMar Lafferty, Staff Writer

    One of the hottest races in the November election just got doused with cold water. Tim Baldermann's withdrawal as the Republican candidate in the 11th Congressional District shocked Democrats and Republicans alike and left his party in a scramble to find another candidate to keep the seat being vacated by retiring Rep. Jerry Weller (R-Morris.)

    Whoever is selected will face the Democratic nominee, State Sen. Debbie Halvorson, of Crete, and Green Party candidate Jason Wallace in November.

    New Lenox Mayor Tim Baldermann says he will officially withdraw from the race for the 11st Congressional District seat on Monday.
    (STNG file photo)
    Victory within reach

    Less than three weeks after a sound victory in the primary, Baldermann, the New Lenox mayor, Chicago Ridge police chief and father of five, said he did not realize how much time a congressional campaign would take.

    "I wondered where the breaking point would be, and I found it," he said. "I did not get the full flavor of this until I went through the primary campaign. I would be giving zero attention to New Lenox and Chicago Ridge."

    Several Republican sources said the lack of funding in this high-profile campaign contributed to Baldermann's decision.

    "I'm not a big fan of fundraisers," he said, acknowledging he raised $203,000 in the primary. "I never expected to match the Democrats dollar-for-dollar. I just wanted to get my message out."

    Mixed reactions

    "Running for Congress is a difficult job that requires the full commitment from a candidate and his family. I respect Tim's decision to step aside from this race and wish him all the best in his future endeavors," Illinois GOP Chairman Andy McKenna said in a prepared statement.

    "The 11th District is representative of the mainstream values Illinois families share, and I'm confident a Republican candidate will emerge who brings the type of change for Illinois we've failed to get from Blagojevich Democrats in Springfield," he said.

    "I am shocked that he withdrew. I have never seen this happen before," said Myron Brick, chairman of Will County's Democratic Party. "This poses a real problem for the Republicans' prospects in November. This is the top ticket locally, and they have abandoned it. Apparently, he was not a well-chosen candidate to begin with.

    "This is just another significant sign of the unraveling of the Republican hold on Will County," Brick said.

    Who will take his place?

    Richard Kavanagh, of New Lenox, who may soon become chairman of the Will County Republican Party, said several hundred Republican precinct committeemen would convene to vote on a new candidate.

    "I expect it would be sooner rather than later," Kavanagh said. "I'm obviously disappointed. Tim was an excellent candidate and the type of person we need."

    According to a spokesman for the Illinois Republican Party, the eight GOP county chairmen from the 11th District will meet and cast weighted votes, based on the primary vote from each county, to determine Baldermann's replacement. The group will be chaired by the Republican party's 11th District State Central Committee chairman, who will cast a vote only in the event of a tie.

    The election of a replacement must be held before ballots are certified, and ballots must be certified 67 days prior to the general election.

    Terry Heenan, of New Lenox, who finished second in the three-way primary race, said Friday he is "definitely" interested in filling the slot.

    Jimmy Lee, who finished last, isn't so sure. "But never say never," he said.

    Homer Glen Mayor Jim Daley, who once considered running in the primary, said he no longer is interested.

    "There are far too many issues I need to take care of (in Homer Glen)," he said.

    State Sen. Christine Radogno, the favorite of at least two GOP county chairmen to replace Baldermann, said she had been contacted by several party leaders, but would not run.

    "Many conservatives con-tacted me today (Friday), and I am very flattered because it means that the party is willing to support a moderate. But ... my position has not changed."

    David McAloon, a Republican candidate for state representative in the 75th District, said he would be very interested in switching to the congressional race. He is an employee of the Family Harvest Church in Tinley Park and lives in Bourbannais.

    Tom Stechell, LaSalle County GOP chairman, referring to the campaign that resulted in Barack Obama's Senate victory, said "I just don't want to see Republicans end up in another Alan Keyes situation."

    Opposition stands strong

    Halvorson also issued a statement from her campaign headquarters.

    "It remains unclear who the Republican party will appoint as my opponent in November, but I will leave the speculation up to the pundits," she said. "Instead, I am going to stay focused on traveling across this entire district, talking with every voter possible. We have a lot at stake in this election, and I want voters to know that I have heard their call for new leadership," she said.

    Contributing: Phil Kadner

    Susan DeMar Lafferty can be reached at or (70 802-8805.
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    Who will take his place?

    Who will take his place?
    Perhaps the IA who steals his ID may be a candidate---hey , why not???

    The Dims will probably fall all over themselves to elect an IA to office.

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