Biden’s ‘Dangerous, Chaotic, and Inhumane’ Border Policy Savagely Attacked By Oversight Chief

Ilan Hulkower February 8, 2023

Rep. James Comer (R-KY), Chair of the House Oversight Committee, had much to say about Biden’s border policy. Comer at an Oversight hearing on Tuesday slammed the Biden border policy by saying that, “conditions at the border are dangerous, chaotic, and inhumane.”

Comer noted during the hearing that the fiscal year of 2022 was marked at the border by a number of records. Such record breaking stats include the number of arrests for illegal crossing, the number of migrants who died trying to make it to the United States, the number of fatal narcotics seized, and the number of suspected terrorists arrested crossing the southern border. Lest one think that these records prove improved security at the border, Comer
commented that, “[O]ver half a million people have evaded apprehension entirely.”

John Modlin, the chief patrol officer of the Tuscon’s border sector, reinforced Comer’s point of an inadequately protected border by
claiming that, “The smuggling organizations to our south are very well organized and resourceful. They employ various tactics to use thousands of migrants across the border. Many are previously deported felons who know they are inadmissible to the United States.”

Bill Melguin, a reporter for Fox News, tweeted that Modlin observed that migrant encounters in 2022 had quadrupled from what they were in 2018-2020. Modlin noted that this was “unprecedented” to such an extent that he “no longer have an adjective to describe what is going on”.

Bill Melugin

NEW: Border Patrol’s Tucson, AZ sector chief @USBPChiefTCA testifies that their migrant encounter numbers in 2022 were quadruple what they were in 2018-2020, says things have gone from “unprecedented” to “a point where I no longer have an adjective to describe what’s going on.”

11:14 AM · Feb 7, 2023

Mr. Melugin further tweeted that Modlin testified that “he did not have enough agents to patrol his sector. Says they only have only 60 percent effectiveness in the sector.”

Bill Melugin

NEW: Tucson, AZ Border Patrol Chief @USBPChiefTCA testifies that he does not have enough agents to adequately patrol his sector. Says they only have 60% effectiveness in the sector. Gotaways major problem.Says BP needs 22,000 agents nationwide, there are only about 19,300 now.

11:36 AM · Feb 7, 2023

Gloria Chavez, the chief of the Rio Grande Valley sector, had similar alarming statements about the deteriorating condition at the southern border. Chavez underscored this by observing that, compared to the U.S. Border Patrol, the criminal smuggling organizations “have 17 times the number of drones, twice the flight hours, and unlimited funding to grow their operations.” Chavez also testified that “Agents continue to face the most egregious of illicit trends such as criminal migrants, gang members, hard narcotics, firearms,” and other such factors.

It should be noted that Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary, had attempted to prevent many of the border chiefs from testifying to Congress. Just the News records that “Mayorkas relented after Comer threatened to use the ‘compulsory process’ to force the chiefs to appear.”

A House resolution was filed in 2021 by Andy Biggs (R-AZ) to impeach Mayorkas for “high crimes and misdemeanors related to his actions regarding border security and immigration.” Impeachment proceedings were also brought against Mayorkas last month by Biggs as House Republicans attempt to hold the failing secretary accountable for his lack of action, as previously reported by the DC Enquirer.

Comer seconded these attempts to hold Mayorkas accountable tweeting that, “The Biden administration must be held accountable for its dereliction of duty.”

Rep. James Comer

TODAY, @GOPoversight will hear from Border Patrol agents on the humanitarian & national security crisis at the southern border. The Biden administration must be held accountable for its dereliction of duty. Republicans will gather the facts for the American people.

Max Cohen

New in @PunchbowlNews AM: At border hearing, @RepJamesComer will argue that “Biden and his administration have created the worst border crisis in American history.” Comer also will accuse the admin of “propaganda” when WH insists the immigration system is safe and humane

9:12 AM · Feb 7, 2023

As the details of this massive dereliction of duty is uncovered by the Republican controlled Oversight Committee, Republicans are gathering more evidence to bring against Mayorkas to justify his impeachment.