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    Biden’s America: Illegal Immigrant Gang Kidnaps Three Girls, Including 11-Year-Old, i

    Biden’s America: Illegal Immigrant Gang Kidnaps Three Girls, Including 11-Year-Old, in Northern Minnesota and Rapes and Tortures Them – Not Making Headlines

    By Jim Hoft
    Oct. 1, 2023 7:45 am

    Three girls were kidnapped, tortured and raped by an illegal immigrant gang in northern Minnesota recently. One of the girls was an 11-year-old.

    Bemidji is located in a rural area in northern Minnesota near the source of the Mississippi River.

    22-year-old Oscar Luna was arrested at the scene. Several men were identified at the scene and transported by US Border Patrol to be processed as illegal aliens.

    Via Pat Sweeney at Knox Radio.

    Bemidji Police have arrested a man after an 11-year-old girl told authorities that she and two other girls were tied up and raped by several men at a Bemidji home.

    On Sept. 23rd, the Bemidji Sanford Hospital’s emergency department called police on an assault complaint.

    According to court documents, the 11-year-old said she was with a woman who forced her to drink alcohol.

    She said a bag was placed over her head, and she was taken to a home, where she was stripped… tied up between two other girls…and raped.

    The girl said another girl was in a closet, while the third girl was bloody and unconscious.

    Authorities arrested 22-year-old Oscar Luna. He’s charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct in Beltrami County. Luna was also arrested on a warrant from Hennepin County.

    Police say several other people were identified at the scene, eleven of whom were transported by U.S. Border Patrol to be processed as illegal immigrants.

    Oscar Luna was arrested in connection to vicious assault in Bemidji, Minnesota.

    Local KVRR has more on the revolting assault.

    During separate interviews, the girl told investigators she had been with Verna Fairbanks, who she called “Auntie.”

    At some point, Fairbanks told the girl to get into a car. She said someone put a bag over her head and brought her to a house with four men she described as “Mexican” where she was stripped and tied up between two other girls who said the same things happened to them.

    The girl said that while she was at the house, Fairbanks put a rope around her neck and forced her to drink alcohol. She also said one of the other girls who had been raped was in the closet and another was bloody and unconscious.

    The girl, who rated her pain as eight out of 10, two days after the assault, said she was able to escape when another girl untied her. She said a man named “Panda” grabbed the girl who helped the 11-year-old escape and threw her down the stairs.

    The girl gave investigators a description of Panda and said he was one of the men who raped her.

    Officers determined that 22-year-old Oscar Luna, of Mission Texas, fit the description of Panda and took him into custody.

    Luna is charged with 1st degree criminal sexual conduct. The case remains under investigation.

    The Bemidji Police Department released a statement on the incident.

    Bemidji Police Department
    on Thursday

    Press Release

    On 09/23/23, the Sanford Bemidji Medical Center’s Emergency Department called the Bemidji Police Department for an assault complaint. Sanford medical personnel reported to law enforcement a juvenile female presented at the Emergency Department and stated she had been sexually assaulted.

    Officers with the Bemidji Police Department immediately responded and spoke with the adults who brought the juvenile to the Emergency Department. Officers were given several p...

    See more

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    Were these three girls here illegally as well? Are their mothers' illegal aliens. This trouble follows them here.

    This is Joe Biden's America.

    These feral animals need to be deported!

    Now they are all drinking in packs like animals causing havoc across the country.

    Age of consent in their countries is 12 years old. This is their disgusting vile raping culture and way of life, just like many 3rd world countries. Get them out of here!
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