Biden’s Borders: Foreign-Born US Population Hits Highest Level Ever Recorded in American History

By Jack Davis, The Western Journal
Dec. 3, 2023 9:30 am

The foreign-born population of the United States has hit a record, according to a new report that estimates 4.5 million immigrants have arrived since President Joe Biden took office.

The Biden era total is more than the individual populations of 25 states.

According to a report on the website of the Center for Immigration Studies, using data from the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey, there are now 49.5 million foreign-born people in America, counting both legal and illegal immigration.

Foreign-born citizens make up 15 percent of America, topping the peak immigrant years at the end of the 19th Century, the report said,

The report said that using Census data estimates, at least 2.5 million illegal immigrants have entered the country on Biden’s watch, noting that the actual number is likely to be higher.

The report said that the immigration picture has been transformed in the Biden era, noting that with Biden in the White House, America’s foreign-born population grows by an average of 137,000 people a month. During former President Donald Trump’s term I office, that figure was 42,000 a month (pre-COVID). During the eight years former President Barack Obama was in office the average rose 68,000 people per month, the report said.

The report said that if the current trend continues unstopped, the number of foreign-born people in America will set a new record every month if Biden wins a second term.

The report said that Census Bureau predictions issued last month called for the foreign-born population not to hit 15 percent of the population until 2033.

Immigrants from South America have risen 28 percent since 2021, topping the list. Following South America are: Central America, up 25 percent; Sub-Saharan Africa, up 21 percent; the Caribbean, up 20 percent; and the Middle East, up 14 percent.

Steven A. Camarota, who prepared the report, said America is now in uncharted water in terms of immigration.

“If you want to make the case to bring more people, you have to at least acknowledge that and say the past is no guide here. You might say this is all positive, that’s fine. But what you can’t say is it is similar to the past.

All these things are fundamentally different.” he said, according to the Washington Times.

He said immigration debates are not looking at the impact of the waves of newcomers.

“But there’s very little attempt by policymakers to step back and say how many people can we assimilate?

What is the absorption capacity of America’s schools and hospitals? What does it mean to add this many people to the United States in terms of physical infrastructure, congestion, traffic, pollution?” he said.

“A fair reading would be that, at the very least, immigration impacts all those things and they are seldom discussed in a way that acknowledges the scale of immigration,” he said.

“None of this is like the weather. None of this is outside the control of the United States,” he said. “The United States determines both the level of legal immigration and the effort to control illegal immigration. The Biden administration has made a choice to mostly not enforce the immigration laws with enormous consequences for illegal immigration.”

In an Op-Ed for The Hill, Nolan Rappaport said the numbers are only part of the problem.

“This administration isn’t basing its admissions on America’s needs, and it isn’t ensuring that the migrants it admits will be able to take care of their financial needs without relying on government assistance,” he wrote.

“If the administration is going to continue admitting millions of migrants without visas, it should at least make an effort to ensure that they will meet American employment and family unification needs, and that they will not have to depend on government financial assistance,” he wrote.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.