Biden Gets Completely Flummoxed Over Title 42 and the CDC Mask Mandate

By Bonchie | Apr 21, 2022 2:15 PM ET

Joe Biden is not with us, and that was apparent again today when the very serious issue of revoking Title 42 came up.

For those who havenít been paying attention,
Title 42 is the provision that allows the US government to expel illegal immigrants due to the risk of COVID-19. When the president was asked about the situation, he got completely flummoxed, confusing the border provision with the CDCís mask mandate, which was recently struck down by a judge in Florida.

REPORTER: "Are you considering delaying lifting Title 42?"Biden brings up the DOJ's appeal to the travel mask mandate being struck down...?Does Joe Biden know that these are two different issues?

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10:26 AM ∑ Apr 21, 2022

The answer is no, Joe Biden does not know they are two different things because heís not the one making the decisions on these matters. That was made clear this week after the White House changed its mind on appealing the CDC mask mandate ruling no less than three times. Meanwhile, Biden indicated that it should be up to individuals when asked by reporters. As heís always been, the president is just a figurehead, led by cabinet members and staffers who appear to make all the big decisions. Nothing he says matters, and no decision is beyond being reversed by those who are actually in charge.

These issues are not a joke, though. It is not funny that Biden canít differentiate between these two important issues because Title 42 is absolutely necessary and the CDC mask mandate is not. Think about how idiotic it is to support repealing one but not the other. Yet, thatís exactly the position of the administration. They actually want to let illegal immigrants enter wholesale with no COVID checks at all while continuing to force two-year-olds to wear face diapers as they ride in giant air filtration tubes.

Something has to give here. There is no way that Title 42 can actually be repealed, and thereís no way that you can keep forcing Americans to mask on airlines, trains, and other forms of transportation. Do facts, figures, and realities on the ground not matter at all? Thatís rhetorical at this point because we know the answer when it comes to the Biden administration. The border is already overrun, and the White House is going to purposely remove a regulation that will cause crossings to possibly double. Masks on planes do nothing, and the White House is going to fight to keep a mandate in place that only causes people misery for no benefit whatsoever.

Thatís the current situation in the country. Itís mind-numbing. Truly, it feels like the Biden administration is purposely trying to do the opposite of what makes sense. That they do so with such arrogance makes it all the worse.

Biden Gets Completely Flummoxed Over Title 42 and the CDC Mask Mandate Ė RedState