Biden Team Nervous About New Populist Leader in Panama and His Policy of “Afuera!” to the Darien Gap

By John Mills
Jul. 8, 2024 9:00 am

On July 1, 2024, President José Raúl Mulino was sworn in as the new Panamanian President. Mulino is a populist and is joining a rising number of populists in Central and South America that are putting their countries first.

These leaders are rejecting the cancerous, siren song of communism, are circumspect about China, and they are kindred spirits to Donald J. Trump who just knocked out President Biden with a “Low Energy Jeb” right hook with his immortal, “I really don’t know what he said – and I don’t think he does either”.

President Mulino, President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador, and President Javier Milei are demolishing the Deep State forces in their respective countries. These Presidents are American leaning and want strong partnerships with America that help their respective countries.

The Biden Administration knew that one of Mulino’s highest priorities was to shut down the Darien Gap – the dangerous path through the jungle that has become an international super-highway feeding the Southern Border invasion of America.

To help mitigate the damages to this globalist initiative, the Biden Team chose Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas to lead the United States Delegation to President Mulino’s inauguration.

While in Panama, Mayorkas signed a significant new agreement – an agreement to implement a Removal Flight Program to rid Panama of the tidal wave – the intuitive question though, is this just another way for Biden to fly illegals straight into the U.S.?

Mulino may reset the UN/WEF presence in Panama

As the U.S. departed Panama and fully handed over control of the Panama Canal to Panama on December 31, 1999, an odd phenomenon occurred. Nothing in the accords said U.S. interests were to leave Panama but that’s what happened.

America evaporated into thin air. U.S. facilities, like Ft. Clayton were modernized significantly in the 1990s and then handed over.

Whether it was grand Globalist design, Deep State trickery, or U.S. diplomatic and statecraft apathy, a vacuum was created in Panama with the disappearance of America from what had been one of the symbols of American exceptionalism.

Two groups moved into Panama and took advantage of the vacuum: the United Nations and the World Economic Forum (WEF). At the time, Panama was transforming into a self-sustaining, sovereign country, running one of the most massive infrastructures of world trade, the Panama Canal.

Rent-paying tenants were very welcome at the time, and the United Nations has a heavy footprint on former U.S. facilities like Ft. Clayton. The original presence of the UN and the WEF in Panama has morphed into a grand experiment, laboratory, and Disneyland in the Americas for Globalism.

Matthew Tomlet is a local entrepreneur and activist in Panama and says, “the last President, Nito Cortizo was completely and 100% captured and beholden” to the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations. However, the days of Panama as a UN/WEF petri dish may be waning.

There is not a fond memory of the UN/WEF enabling the harsh and draconian lock downs of COVID under the former President of Panama, Laurentino “Nito” Cortizo.

Darien Gap is dangerous to Panamanian Sovereignty

The choice of Mayorkas to lead the American delegation showed the panic of the Biden Team. DHS has been operating camps along with the United Nations in the Darien Gap to facilitate the flow of the illegals marching on foot from next door Colombia.

The illegals include gang members from Venezuela, terrorists from the Middle East, a torrent of Chinese landing in Ecuador, and anyone from all over the world trying to get into the U.S.

Panama has expended vast resources to facilitate the rapid movement of the illegals through and out of Panama to prevent them from staying in Panama.

The United Nations, WEF, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) like Doctors without Borders enable the human tidal wave. These groups do not care about Panama or the violence or inhumanity of the human trafficking they are creating.

They only care about the globalist ideology of open borders despite the reality of the carnage. Unlike the previous Panamanian president, President Mulino knows exactly what is happening and is uninterested in the UN and WEF, he is interested in Panama and his Panama First behavior is upsetting the Biden Team and the secret jungle camps of DHS.

Mulino’s Focus: Shut down the Darien Gap, expand the Panama Canal, and secure Panama from threats to Panamanian Sovereignty

President Mulino knows that Panama exists because of the Panama Canal and is placing the highest priority on ensuring the long-term resilience and economic viability of the canal that has been threatened by water shortages.

Mulino said he supports, as his highest priority, a law, which would grant the waterway permission to operate on land needed for new reservoirs.

The Panama Canal is essentially a massive water management system and the new locks opened in 2016 operate with the same reservoir (the Madden Dam complex) completed in 1935.

President Mulino intends to greatly expand the water available for the locks through new and larger reservoirs.

Depending on several factors the ship throughput was as low as 18 per day earlier in 2024, but with proper water fall and increased water, transit can reach 36-40 ships per day.

China is supporting “Dry Canal” competing alternatives of cross-country rail lines through Mexico, Nicaragua/Honduras, and Colombia to put Panama out of business. According to Michael Yon – China is encouraging their proxy in next door Colombia to assert claims of ownership of the Canal.

The new Populist President in Panama knows that a bigger game is afoot and Mulino is focused on placing Panama First despite the different threats to Panamanian sovereignty.