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    Big-time Hollywood Actor's Wife Becomes A U.S. Citizen

    This is how it's supposed to be done. Good for her!

    Posted on August 5, 2015 by Dom The Conservative

    Matthew McConaughey might have made a name for himself in liberal Hollywood, but the native Texan and A-list actor hasn’t ceased to make waves with the left. Whether he’s praising God in his Oscar speech, boldly standing for the biblical sanctity of marriage, or encouraging hard work and chastising entitlement in a college commencement speech, he continues to inject a bad taste in the mouths of the liberal left — and he’s certainly not done yet.

    Fans and critics went wild after McConaughey recently tweeted a picture of his Brazilian-born wife, model Camila Alves, but it has nothing to do with which designer brand she’s wearing, how much skin she’s showing, or with whom she was caught cavorting.

    McConaughey proudly announced that his bombshell bride just received her U.S. citizenship, having spent years taking the proper steps to legally become an American citizen.

    Alves, 33, expressed her excitement and gratitude on Twitter as well.

    “First day back and look what I just went thru. It is with great pride and honor that I am happy to say I now hold an American passport!”

    The couple married in June 2012 after dating for 6 years, but Alves proved her dedication to taking a legal path to citizenship when she first started taking the necessary steps.

    Now, the pair have three children and a fairytale life that many of us could only dream of living — and it all remains a thorn in the side of the left.

    The left wants us to believe that legal citizenship is not only impossible, but unnecessary. However, two of the most prominent figures in Hollywood just proved that it is important, possible, and, above all, lawful.

    It’s not racist or wrong for a nation to want immigrants to adhere to their laws. However, the left is quickly destroying our culture, economy, and the opportunity for legal aliens to acquire citizenship.

    Illegal immigration has welcomed in a flood of unscreened migrants, many of whom are draining welfare programs.

    Unknowingly, we have allowed in criminals and terrorists on the coattails of refugees, under the fear of seeming politically incorrect. We’re afraid to offend the offenders by asking them to obey our laws and contribute to our great nation.
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