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    Bilingualism = A Divided America ... leID=10796

    Bilingualism = A Divided America

    Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D.
    June 7, 2006
    Bilingualism is the antithesis of our national motto: E Pluribus Unum: Out of many, ONE! Former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm said it best: "History shows that no nation can survive the tension, conflict and antagonism of two or more competing languages and cultures. It is a blessing for an individual to be bilingual; however, it is a curse for a society to be bilingual.(1) Societies [that] are bilingual [become] two competing and nation-dividing languages."(2)

    A nation is much more than a place on a map. It is a state of mind, a shared vision, and a recognition that we are all is this together . . . [and] one indispensable element must be that we all speak one common language.(2)

    Speak English -- Why Bother?

    While there are at least 27 states that have legislated 'Official English' -- the federal government has not.(3) There are 12 million households in the United States that are what the Census Bureau calls "linguistically isolated." Many of those households don't bother to learn English because they can bank, vote, shop, work, go to church, watch TV, listen to the radio, get a GED, driver's license, purchase real estate, and get a mortgage without EVER speaking a word of English.

    Adding to their 'linguistic isolation' is the fact that our government requires hospitals to supply translators for ALL languages that enter their doors, adding to your cost for healthcare.(4) According to a report on Lou Dobbs of CNN, many new arrivals are stunned how they can live here in the US without ever speaking English. The video of the Dobbs' comments can be found here: (5)

    Vicente Fox Applauds Mexican Spanish Speakers in America

    In October of 2000 in the Mexican newspaper Siglo said that Fox: spoke of the deep cultural and linguistic loyalty of Mexicans and other Hispanics who emigrate [most illegally] to the United States. Because of this loyalty, asserted Fox, each Hispanic immigrant [both legal and illegal] is "an important agglutinative element of his brothers in the exterior."(6)

    An interesting word 'agglutinative' . . . it means 'sticking together' or 'joining together.' What is Fox trying to convey? Did he mean even while in America, Mexicans were to continue their allegiance and stay connected to Mexico? Or, did he mean for them to stick together here in America by balkanizing our cities and towns? Or perhaps he meant BOTH?

    Fox's final words might give us a clue: "Besides, to continue speaking Spanish in the United States is to 'hacer patria,' which means to 'be patriotic' or [to] 'do a patriotic duty'."(6) Get the message?

    Do you understand now how insidiously the Mexican government has been waging its de facto war using its 'migrant army' to invade, colonize and reconquista America? Part of the plan is to NOT assimilate, but to overwhelm our English language and to dominate both culturally AND linguistically. How they must be laughing at us brainwashed, sensitivity-trained, pc'd (politically castrated), multi-culturalized, Pavlovian, naive and trusting Americans.

    For further proof of Mexico's nefarious plot . . .

    In July 2001, according to El Imparcial: "The Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska affirmed today that Mexico is presently recovering the territories lost in the past to the United State, thanks to emigration. 'The people of the poor, the lice-ridden and the cucarachas [cockroaches] are advancing in the United States, a country that wants [is being forced] to speak Spanish because 33.4 million Hispanics [are and will continue to arrogantly] impose their culture' . . ."(6)

    It seems Ms. Poniatowska is a little confused about language and culture. Language does NOT make a culture. The definition of 'culture' according to Webster's are "ideas, customs, skills, art, of a people or groups, that are transferred, communicated, or passed along, as in or to succeeding generations" which obviously does NOT require a specific language to achieve such a communication of knowledge. You can do it in English or any other language you may choose to use.

    Many Live their Entire Life in the US Without Speaking ENGLISH!

    Did you know that nearly 80% of Americans want English as our 'official' language. Who are the biggest laggards in learning our unifying English language. The Mexicans of course, for reasons already discussed. Only 50% of the Mexicans speak English while 69% of the Chinese do, and 78% or the Russian speakers do. Why is that? Well as Ms. Garcia spoke out about that on CNN's Lou Dobbs show when she said -- speaking English would DILUTE the Hispanic culture! And just what does Ms. Garcia think those massive millions of Spanish speaking Hispanics are doing to America's culture? You got it -- DILUTING America's culture AND to use Vicente Fox's word, massively eroding the important agglutinative element of our unifying English language.(7)

    Do you understand the mindset of Hispanics, who can so audaciously make such a statement without any concern or regard for the damage her position would inflict upon our society? Are you stunned that she and millions of Hispanics just like her, can arrogantly make such beliefs known while apparently having 'no clue' that making such an offensive statement is an insult to "We the People?" Have Hispanics 'no clue' that espousing such a position is a blatant attack on the English speaking unity of America?

    The truth of the matter is -- THEY DON'T CARE, all they desire is to stick to their agenda to keep themselves from assimilating and acculturating into American culture and society unlike ALL previous immigrants did. Blending into the 'melting pot' is what has made America great. The reason many Hispanics have that attitude is because there are so many of them here illegally that they feel they can be as brazen as they please, and then when we object they call us "racist." To see and hear Ms. Garcia and her arrogant racist position go here: (7)

    "Bowing Before the Altar of Diversity . . .

    Until recently, immigrants to our shores were eager to become full-fledged Americans. And our public schools that taught only English did a splendid job of assimilating them. This diversity within freedom, buttressed by talent, hard work, and opportunity has made America the envy of the world."(8)

    "But today, some immigrants, notably self-appointed Hispanic activists, tend to resist assimilation. They champion bilingual education, bilingual ballots, and a bilingual lifestyle, all of which will make them less able to enrich American society."(8) Here are a few examples of those who help those racist Hispanic resist assimilation:

    1. "Recently, 75 Mexican immigrants in Arizona were sworn in as new citizens in a ceremony conducted largely in Spanish at the request of District Judge Alfedo Marquez."(8)

    Why would a US District Court Judge subvert a citizenship ceremony that requires English proficiency in order to complete the journey to citizenship, by 'requesting' that the ceremony be in Spanish. Immigration Law states: Applicants for naturalization must be able to read, write, speak, and understand words in ordinary usage in the English language. Does Judge Marquez have a racist motive? You decide . . . more on Judge Marquez to follow . . .

    2. "A 53-page, US. Department of Education guide, 'Preparing Your Child for University,' is written entirely in Spanish."(8)

    3. "Bill Gates' billion-dollar scholarship program to boost ethnic diversity in the sciences, launched in 1999, explicitly discriminates against Whites and Asian students."(8)

    "These bizarre concession to diversity would have dismayed earlier immigrants who took pride in learning the language and asked only for a fair chance to achieve in their adopted country."(8)

    Instead, today we are bending over backwards to accommodate non-English speakers. What is particularly egregious is the FACT that an overwhelming number of the non-English speakers have illegally invaded our country.

    What perverse mentality decided that no matter where you came from in the world, if you illegally enter and continue to illegally reside here in the United States in direct contravention of our immigration laws, we then insanely REWARD the children of those criminals with a free education? To understand how twisted and perverted such accommodations have become, read on . . .

    Arizona Schools Financially Burdened by Spanish Speaking Illegals

    Flores vs. Arizona, a lawsuit decided based upon the 1974 federal Equal Education Opportunity Act (EEOA), a federal law that prohibits states from denying education opportunities based on race, color, sex or national origin, heard before "U.S. District Judge Alfredo Marquez in 1992, found that the state's system of English-learning programs was 'arbitrary and capricious.' That phrase has haunted the Arizona Legislature [ever since]."(9)(10) The decision was especially galling since "the trial focused on whether the State adequately FUNDS LEP [Limited English Proficient] programs, rather than the adequacy of the programs themselves."(9)

    Of note -- children who are here illegally, are given a FREE education by the taxpayers. Now they claim to be denied education opportunities because of -- race (Hispanics come in ALL races -- Hispanics are NOT a race), or color (Hispanics come in all colors), or sex -- a non-issue, or their national origin, which is everywhere EXCEPT America. Every child born here of Mexican nationals is a Mexican citizen AND an automatic American citizen. So where's the discrimination and denial of educational opportunities? It seems that Hispanics want MORE than just an education, they want MORE than all the rest of the students are receiving. How fair is that? How un-American is that?

    Won't all the 'other' students be denied equivalent tax dollars for the advancement or expansion of their education opportunities? For example: AP (advanced placement) courses, gifted programs or some other special needs help or vocational training that will advance their future education and job opportunities. It is suggested that those 'other' children are the ones getting short changed. It is particularly egregious since many of the English deficient children came here illegally, or are the 'anchor babies' born of illegal aliens who speak Spanish to their children, live in Spanish enclaves, listen to Spanish radio and TV and create those non-English speaking problems while living right here in America.

    So who is being short-changed here? What do all the English speaking students forfeit while Spanish speaking Hispanics receive their expanded, taxpayer funded special English language education. Expanded, that is, beyond the reading, writing and 'rithmatic given them by judges legislating from the bench? Oh, you thought legislating from the bench was a recent phenomena. Not so, it goes back many decades. Wake up America!

    The Clock is Ticking . . .

    A "federal judge's order would impose daily fines starting at $500,000 and rising to $2 million on the state if the Legislature fails to adequately fund programs for an estimated 160,000 children. Scrambling to obey the judge's order the "Legislature has passed two bills in the first 15 days of the legislative session designed to comply with the orders in this case, . . . " What happened next? According to House Speaker Jim Weiers: "The governor's vetoes [of both bills] are the cause of the state's failure to comply with our deadline."(11)

    What was the motive for the governor's vetoes? Is turns out that, contrary to the legislature, Napolitano wants to "triple the $360 [recently doubled from prior years] extra [tax dollars] now spent on each English-language learner [to $1,080 per child]. It would eventually add up to $180 million a year."(12)

    Keep in mind that $1080 per child would be over and above the cost of educating that child. Does Napolitano have some ulterior motive for such fiscal irresponsibility? Could it be that Napolitano wants to curry favor with Hispanic voters when she seeks re-election this November?

    What is to be done with the fines collected?

    Napolitano's Attorney General (AG)Terry Goddard filed a court brief to direct the fines to the state Department of Education to be used to help English-learners. Opposition attorney Tim Hogan agrees. According to AZ House Speaker Jim Weiers who said that this move by Napolitano's AG "would bypass the power of the Legislature to appropriate state funds." Clever 'end run' isn't it?(12)

    U.S. District Judge Raner Collins acceded to the request by opposing attorneys . . . that the penalties not be forfeited to the federal treasury. The judge then refused House Speaker Jim Weiers' request for the hearing to be delayed until he could get an attorney to object to Collins' disposition of the funds.(13)

    What the judges decision did was give "Napolitano the upper hand in further negotiations over how best to meet the needs of about 154,000 children with English deficiencies" According to Rep. Bill Konopnicki, a Stafford Republican: "Now the governor can wait until she gets enough money in the fund until she agrees to any bill we send to her."(12)

    Several 'key' state officials reacted to the threat of fines by saying: "they'll work to improve the programs but also by declaring that it shouldn't be forgotten that illegal immigration . . . is a root cause of the problem facing the state."(14)

    "There's a legitimacy to the argument that if people had not broken the law to get into our country that the taxpayers of our state wouldn't be having to absorb the financial burden of trying to educate those children," said Senate President Ken Bennett, R-Prescott.(14)

    Because the are here illegally in such massive numbers, they have numerically overwhelmed the English speaking students in the educational system. As such, instead of a handful in each class that would have to fit in and assimilate and be immersed in English, they are able to have lunch, recess, free periods, or sports where they can continue to speak Spanish regularly during the school day. Once the school day ends, they return to their Spanish speaking enclaves where nary a word is heard or spoken in English.

    A declaration made by "House Speaker Jim Weiers, R-Phoenix, [who] said in June that Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano's proposal to spend more on English-learning instruction would produce 'Mexico's best school district north of the border'." A little well deserved sarcasm wouldn't you say?(14)

    Just who are those who work tirelessly to win in the courts more and more benefits for illegal aliens? First and foremost is MALDEF the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund funded by many American foundations and corporations. Then there is the usual partner in the anti-American cabal, the ACLU laughingly known as the American Civil Liberties Union. Next is the race baiting SPLC called the Southern Poverty Law Center. (See Note 3 below for information on these organizations). And now you can add to them, the Center for Law in the Public Interest (CLPI) headed by Tim Hogan who brought the original 'class-action' LEP law suit above.

    The Coup De Grace - Hogan's Next Law Suit

    "AIMS should not be a graduation requirement for immigrant children until the state complies with a federal court order to improve funding for English-learner instruction, said Tim Hogan, who heads the Center for Law in the Public Interest. Until lawmakers and Gov. Janet Napolitano can end a two-month-long stalemate over a new funding plan for English-learner programs, Hogan wants the judge to suspend the AIMS requirement for thousands of children. Starting with the Class of 2006, high school seniors must pass the reading, writing and math test to earn a diploma."(15)

    To turn up the heat on the state of Arizona, Hogan wants the judge "to withhold federal highway funds from the state as a sanction . . . " Hogan said that "about 83 percent of the 3,254 juniors who qualify as English learners . . . failed key portions such as reading and writing."(15)

    Fortunately, the AZ Dept. of Education does not believe an unearned diploma is the answer and wants the court to reject Hogan's latest plea. Margaret Garcia-Dugan, deputy superintendent of public instruction said: "We don't believe it makes any sense for any high school student who isn't functioning in English to receive a diploma . . ."(15) My, how refreshing to hear someone say something that reflects some sanity and makes good sense!

    Remembering that the court's fine was instituted to force the state to throw more money at those who are English deficient instead of determining whether the high failure rate was due to lack of money, the curriculum, or the student. Students who might be unwilling to master English. It is suggested that some of the Mexican students may following the orders from Mexico's President Fox who said it was their patriotic duty to keep speaking Spanish. Then again perhaps there are some who believe as Ms. Garcia does -- that speaking English would DILUTE the Hispanic culture and so some students reject and resist learning English resulting in programs are declared 'arbitrary and capricious.'

    What's Next? Pima County, AZ: K-12 REQUIRED to learn Spanish

    "Officials said the requirement at the Catalina Foothills School District in north Tucson would put students ahead of the curve at a time when Spanish-language skills are increasingly important . . . The program would cost about $439,000 the first year, including creating the curriculum and training eight new teachers. The money would come from district funds and its private foundation. The school day would increase by 30 minutes to add the classes for students in kindergarten through fifth grade."(16)

    Several questions come to mind. Who are the 'officials?' Did the 'officials' ask the parents if they agreed to having their children learn Spanish and to submit to a longer school day? Did they ask the parents if they wanted their children FORCED to learn another language? Isn't it hard enough to learn reading, writing and 'rithmatic in the primary grades without burdening children with a foreign language? Will those eight new bilingual teachers be Hispanics or will they also come from other cultures?

    As noted above -- there isn't enough money to teach Hispanic children English, so why is taxpayer money being spent to FORCE children learn Spanish? Is that so that the Spanish speaking children who can't master English won't have to? Who is the private foundation supplying financial aid. Whom do they represent? What is their agenda? These are questions that the parents and taxpayers need to ask. Get off your duff and tend to your civic duty. Your children need you!

    Where is all this bilingualism headed? Some may already have figured it out. Then again some may still be 'scratching their heads' and still others may simply have 'no clue.' To answer that question, read on . . .

    Parents -- Get Ready for the One World Order (OWO)!

    Today they call it the 'New World Order' but it isn't. It has been around for more than 100 years. It is socialism, communism and Marxism all rolled into one. Those embracing such ideology, are insidiously grooming your child for the OWO whether or not you want them to become, dumbed-down, mind-controlled and brainwashed future citizens. Think that's out of line? Then read what Assistant Superintendent Mary Jo Conery who is heading a team of educators working on 21st-century curriculum has to say:

    "We're looking at ways to have the kids be more globally aware [those are 'code words'] . . . We're in a century now where our national and international borders have become somewhat seamless, and there's a need for our students to work toward the goal of being bilingual and even maybe multilingual. . . State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne said Catalina Foothills' move is "a fabulous idea."(16) Got your attention yet?

    The 'seamless borders' so glowingly announced, reflects the dogma propagandized by the UN in their quest for 'global governance.' A world with no borders, a single currency, one standing army and a single governmental body that runs the world using one set of rules. Their rules, not America's rules. It will obliterate our sovereignty, our Constitution, our Bill or Rights, our Republic, our legal system, and most important of all -- our freedoms. This Communist/fascist trend has been ongoing for decades. Some recent examples GTAA and NAFTA + CAFTA = SHAFTA. The recent Kelo eminent domain ruling, and the systematically removing of God everywhere and everyplace. Coming up next -- FTAA, the Free Trade Area of the Americas -- the final 'nail in America's coffin.'

    Assisting them here in America, is the Trilateral commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and others found here: (17) In case you are wondering why our government has not sealed the borders. The illegal alien invasion is simply a diversion to keep our focus off the implementation of the One World Order (OWO). The illegal alien invasion is a tool being used to segue to the OWO. Here's the plan: Once the civil unrest and chaos caused by the overwhelming 'human tsunami' of illegal aliens reduces America to complete anarchy, a state of total lawlessness, the federal government will institute martial law and then the one world government will step from the shadows and take over.(18)

    Another example of the push for OWO: "One very dark place where the United States finds itself is membership in the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Complying with UNESCO policy, the U.S. is systematically implementing a federal public school curriculum that is fraught with propaganda that teaches our children to accept that very same UN worldview of 'commonism' [which it the current version of socialism, communism and Marxism all rolled into one]."(19)

    "Most in Congress fail to see that the reason public education is turning out illiterate children is the direct connection to the implementation of a federally mandated/UNESCO curriculum. Instead, Congress responds to parent anger and frustration by implementing more and more of the same."(19)

    A House Divided Creates the Chaos Needed for OWO . . .

    A 'house divided' by bilingualism will fall into the hands of the OWO. Think about all the Spanish signs that the reconquista rabble waved in our streets. Take back your Constitutional Republic and sovereignty before your children become the robotic tools desired by the OWO shadow government.

    If you don't think there is such a treasonous move afoot in our schools you MUST READ: "the deliberate dumbing down of america" by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt. It is a well documented MASSIVE compilation of many decades of the socialist/communist educational manipulation and propaganda foisted upon our children and parents. It is insidious and invasive. "This book will change forever the way you look at your child's education."(20) It is a paperback, the size of a phone book. You can go on line and read the entire .pdf version of her book here or you can buy it.

    Get it any way you can! Then, read it and weep for America. The solution for parents is to demand that Congress enact the "Freedom in Education Act,” which will legislate that no taxpayer dollars can be used to dictate a curriculum by the federal government. Go out and change the direction of YOUR school system. It's in your hands.

    How Our Own Government is Creating the 'Tower of Babble' here in America

    Unbelievable as it may seem, our government is 'aiding a abetting' illegal aliens and other immigrants to remain linguistically separated in such incalculable ways and in such scope, breadth and depth, that it is mind-boggling! Multi-lingualism and multi-culturalism have been insidiously promoted, enforced, proselytized and rewarded by our morally bankrupt elitist government. To discover how they are doing it, read this author's well researched and documented Language Lunacies ~ Gov't 'Aids and Abets' Illegal Aliens found here.(21)

    Only THEN will you understand HOW our own government is working diligently to subvert our unifying English language -- everywhere, every place and in every possible way. The ultimate goal . . . One World Order!

    Our nation's cohesion is in dire peril! We MUST stop the linguistic 'death from a thousand cuts.' Our nation's survival as a Constitutional Republic depends upon our ability to communicate with ALL members of our nation using one single unifying language. We ALL must work to preserve our English language from the corruption of a second language and defend it from its mortal enemy . . . our very own government.

    The Moral of the 'Tower of Babble' Story . . .

    Contrary to God's orders to disperse throughout the world after the 'Great Flood,' the peoples of the earth instead did the exact opposite. The congregated together and began building a giant tower as a place to collectively worship.

    "The most effective way of halting this blasphemy and of enforcing God's command to fill [spread throughout] the earth was that of confounding their languages. If people could not communicate with each other, they could hardly cooperate with each other [in the completion of the tower]. When men could no longer understand each other, there was finally no alternative for them but to separate from each other . . . and to scatter throughout the world as He had commanded."(22)

    Now you see how cunning Vicente Fox was in calling for Hispanics to 'patriotically' cling to their Spanish language as an "agglutinative element" of commonality. Fox knew that would keep them tied to Mexico and stop them from blending into America's English speaking culture. His goal, with the help of the globalist elites, is to create a politically dominated, balkanized, Spanish speaking, Hispanic enclaves and neighborhoods to facilitate Mexico's 'migrant army' war plans of colonization.(17) The ultimate prize being the reconquista of our country into the clutches of Mexico thus winning the de facto war 'without ever firing a shot' while fostering the OWO to boot!

    Multi-lingualism effects our daily lives in many ways. Many have 'no clue' as to how our unifying English language is facing its 'death by a thousand cuts.' We are becoming the proverbial 'tower of babble!' One must realize that if there weren't such an overwhelming number of illegal aliens here, the recent LEGAL non-English speakers would have to assimilate AND acculturate because EVERYTHING would be done in English as it was for the preceding hundreds of years. In fact, just as it was for the builders of the Tower of Babble, bilingualism will be the single most deadly weapon in Fox's arsenal because it will divide America into two separate linguistic nations!

    Wake Up America!

    Now is the time for "We the People" to rise up and take back our country from a government that is working with all its might to end our sovereignty and Constitutional Republic! They can succeed only if we let them. How? Don't vote for ANY incumbent unless they have a proven track record of working to end the illegal alien invasion and have fought for America's sovereignty. You can start by removing everyone who voted for CAFTA. Remember they are counting on you to stupidly and robotically return them to office no matter how they've voted in the past to destroy America!

    Thanks to the agenda of the golablist elites, America faces a major challenge . . . if we began to 'babble' in different tongues we too will lack the necessary collaborative 'glue' of a common language. "This primeval confusion of tongues emphasizes what modern man often fails to realize: the REAL divisions among men are NOT racial or physical or geographic, BUT LINGUISTIC."(22)
    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    Brian, Thanks for a very important post.
    TIME'S UP!
    Why should <u>only</u> AMERICAN CITIZENS and LEGAL immigrants, have to obey the law?!

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