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Blatant Racism by the Pro-illegal Alien Crowd (Part 1)
By Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D.
Apr 22, 2005

If eighty to ninety percent of the 18-20 million illegal aliens here in America today, had come from Australia, Canada, and England instead of actually coming from Hispanic and Latino countries, would La Raza (The Race), LULAC, MALDEF, MEChA, and the ACLU, et al, be loudly advocating for open borders, protesting and demanding that illegal aliens receive driver's licenses, in-state tuition, and the end to Prop. 200?(1)(2)(3)(4) Why are these groups so blatant in their support to keep our sovereign borders wide open so that people of their race, can enter America with impunity? Why do they demand that those same, mostly Hispanic and Latino illegal "immigrants" remain here unmolested and protected by 'sanctuary policies' and rail against any attempt to end the massive amounts of 'public benefits' they receive. Could it be pure racism that motivates them? Could that be the reason?

For the un-anointed be prepared to find that much of the Hispanic and Latino rhetoric and propaganda discussed here will be deliberately obfuscating, duplicitous, hypocritical and dishonest! These groups often wage blatant 'in your face' campaigns of disinformation by calling themselves 'immigrant advocacy groups' or 'immigrant-rights groups!' They routinely call legislation, such as Arizona's Prop. 200, which eliminates 'public benefits' to the "undocumented" (that's a euphemism for illegal) residents, as "anti-immigrant." You will notice, they NEVER say anti-illegal immigrant. The word "illegal" is NOT part of their vocabulary! Without fail, they deliberately obfuscate by using the term "immigrants" when we all know that the real issue is ILLEGAL immigrants. Then they 'compound the felony' by duplicitously following up with the mantra of "after all we are a nation of immigrants, aren't we?" True, we are a nation of immigrants, however, we are a nation of LEGAL immigrants, not a nation of ILLEGAL immigrants! At least not yet anyway!!!

To get a feel for the kinds of evasions pro-illegal alien supporters use when discussing illegal alien issues, read the following section of a transcript from Lou Dobbs, CNN's 'Broken Borders' show. Dobbs' conversation is with Walter Tejada, an Arlington County Virginia board member, and former state director of LULAC who is there to discuss a bill that would limit public benefits, such as Medicaid and welfare for illegal aliens, just signed by Virginia's Governor Mark Warner. Tajada was quoted as saying that the bill "fans the flames of anti-immigrant sentiment." Read on, you will discover how the pro-illegal alien apologists evade the issue of illegality. You will get an education in 'classic' dissemblance.(5)

DOBBS: The fact is that it's clear-cut that Medicaid and other services are provided to illegal aliens. Why do you resist that suggestion that taxpayers are providing benefits for illegal aliens?

TEJADA: First, Mr. Dobbs, no human being is illegal. And the fact is that we have laws already in the books, called federal law, that prohibits undocumented persons from receiving public benefits. What we have in Virginia is a redundant law for something that already exists. Undocumented persons do not qualify, yesterday, not today or tomorrow, to receive any public benefits such as Medicaid or otherwise.

DOBBS: So let's start out with a couple of things. No person in this country is illegal? Sir?

TEJADA: There's no human being who is illegal, Mr. Dobbs. And what we're talking about are human beings, your next-door neighbor your co-worker, your next-door shopper when you go to the mall, and your classmates.

So what we're talking about here specifically is whether undocumented persons are receiving benefits or not. The fact is, there's no evidence to show that they are in Virginia.

DOBBS: Well, there's no evidence to show that illegal aliens are in Virginia?

TEJADA: Sir, those are your words. What I said, there's no evidence to show that undocumented workers are utilizing public benefits. There is -- we've asked for that information. Let's see it. The fact is, they are undocumented persons, already do not qualify for receiving benefits such as public benefits.

DOBBS: So let's go to a couple points. And if you don't mind, let's just you and I try, irrespective of the fact you think I'm anti-immigrant, which I assure you I'm not, but I am absolutely pro-truth and honesty.

An illegal alien is one who crosses our borders illegally, who is in this country illegally. Now, that is a person I would refer to as an illegal alien. It does not make them evil, but it does make them lawbreakers. It does, by definition, make them illegal.

TEJADA: (Unintelligible)...

DOBBS: Secondly, secondly, the fact is that the documentation of the cost for Medicaid services in the Commonwealth of Virginia is clear. You are aware of it. And you certainly, because you are urging local control over this issue, you must know your community very well. You were a state director of LULAC, for example. You know your community, Latino, legal and illegal, native born, in the state of Virginia. Do you not?

TEJADA: Sir, first, these are human beings we are talking about. . . .

To understand the true Hispanic and Latino pro-illegal alien agenda: Look no further than Armando Navarro. He is the Chair and Professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Riverside. His areas of teaching specialization include Latino/Ethnic Politics, Social Movements, American Politics, and Latino Contemporary Issues.(6) He is also the head of the National Alliance for Human Rights. 'Professor' Navarro gave a speech before an Hispanic Americans rally in California where he said: "When you look at the demographic studies when you listen know, we are clearly going to be the majority in the Southwest in the next fifty - sixty years and especially here in California, by the year 2015 we're going to be more than fifty percent of the population. Ladies and gentlemen, what this means is a transfer of power, it means control, it means who's going to influence. And it is the young people, the people who are now moving to develop an agenda for the twenty first century. They are really going to be in a position to really make the promise of what the Chicano movement was all about in terms of self-determination, in terms of empowerment, and even in the terms of the idea of an Aztlan!"(7) To understand what Aztlan and the Chicano movement are about see: ((9)(10)

So, Now You Know: The ultimate goal of the Hispanic and Latino pro-illegal alien lobby, is to leverage their massive illegal alien population to achieve the political power necessary to "reconquista" (take back) America. Their goals are very clear. They want to stop or eliminate any and all actions that might end the inflow of some 10,000 illegals per day and restrict the massive illegal alien invasion of our country, in order to grow their political clout!(11) Racism is defined in Webster's as a program or practice that upholds the political or economic domination of one race over another or others. Sadly, their motives are without doubt, the purist form of racism there is!

How the Pro-illegal Alien Crowd Wages their Racist War

1. Rounding Up Illegal Aliens:

In July 2004, about a dozen US Border Patrol agents rounded up close to 500 hundred illegal aliens, in less than three weeks, near Temecula, California. The Border Patrol was doing their jobs based on tips from the local police and citizens. The community of Temecula supported them. When Asa Hutchinson, the 'border czar' of the Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) found out about it, he immediately shut down the Border Patrols sweeps! Hutchinson's 'lame' excuse was that is was not against the law, but is was against 'policy' for border agents to do interior sweeps even though they ran a highway check point in that area! He caved to the 'hue and cry' of a small group of pro-illegal alien protesters. 'Professor' Amando Navarro's public comment was "If their perception and their perspective is that Mexicanos and Latinos are pushovers politically or organizationally, they have a big mistake that they've made.... because we're not!" California's US Congressman Joe Bacca called the Temecula sweeps "racial profiling!" Do you get the feeling that our own government helped the "illegals" win out? You can see that Lou Dobbs, Broken Borders video here12)

2. 'Sanctuary Policies':

Signaling an end to more than two decades of sanctuary policies that placed a firewall between the Los Angeles Police Department and federal immigration authorities, the LAPD has decided they need to use immigration laws to bail them out from under the city's current crime wave. However, according to Hispanic and Latino groups, they want the LAPD to be certain that they do that without "eroding their hard-won credibility among illegal immigrants."(13)

It is ironic that Los Angeles now faces a problem they created by instituting the sanctuary policy called Special Order 40 in 1979, which permitted the unchallenged occupation of their city by illegal aliens. As such, they now face the daunting task of cleaning up the mess by having to ferret out the violent criminals from among those same 'untouchables!'

Hector Villagra staff attorney for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) believes that illegal aliens need be protected, and demands that the LAPD make certain that they do not become the "stalking horses for immigration!"(13)

Ahilan Arulanantham, staff attorney for the ACLU of Southern California, argued against [local police] partnerships with federal immigration officials because "The problem is it is a slippery slope. It would be a problem if officers questioned anyone about their immigration status because they suspected they had been deported in the past because of a crime."(13)

Zeke Hernandez, president of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) said of the proposed Orange County California sheriff's department plan to train 200 deputies this year to enforce federal immigration laws and use the federal immigration databases to uncover criminal immigrants: "We don't want criminals in our community. No one does. But we don't want federal monies used to find just certain criminals, because this could be an incentive just to look for [illegal] immigrants."(14)

Sheriff Michael S. Carona met with the Orange County Community Coalition composed of mostly Latino organizations that he created six years ago to provide advice on his policies. "under the plan, people would not be apprehended solely, because they appeared to be undocumented [illegal] immigrants nor would they be arrested solely for entering the country illegally. Nor would those reporting a crime be apprehended for failing to prove legal residency. We don't want to make victims out of victims."(14)

Luis Arturo Guevara member of the Los Amigos of Orange Country, the Santa Ana chapter of LULAC said "my fear is that the Sheriff's Department will focus on looking for immigrant criminals instead of all criminals.(14)

Members of the Los Amigos chapter of the Orange County, Santa Ana chapter of LULAC said that "giving deputies federal power could result in more racial profiling and deportation of hard-working, poorly paid [illegal] immigrants simply for violating traffic laws."(14)

David Amin leader of Los Amigos of Orange Country, a Latino advocacy group said "All of the members of the coalition are against the sheriff involving himself in immigration matters!"(14)

3. Bigots Condemn the Minuteman Project (MMP):

Ray Ybarra, working for the ACLU, organized a group to monitor the MMP volunteers, said "The message they are trying to send is that White people can take the law into their own hands and do whatever they want to people of color, and in 21st-century America, that's just not going to fly."(15)

Armando Ruiz, a former Phoenix state senator who is an international Catholic lay worker and church group organizer said "The Minuteman Project is about fear and division." Other committee members include the National Council of La Raza (The Race) and the Ceasar Chavez Foundation.(16)

Lorraine Lee, vice-president of Chicanos por la Causa, who receives funding from La Raza (The Race) said: "What bothers me the most is that citizens are taking it upon themselves to be enforcers of immigration law."(16)

Cathy Rion, a member of the Heads Up Collective in San Francisco will join up with "immigrants' rights" advocates to plan a boycott of Arizona businesses because of "hate groups on the border and in the state Capitol!" Ms. Rion's trip to Arizona was paid for by a California coalition called "Deporten a la Migra" (Deport the Border Patrol)!(17)

Salvador Reza of Tonatierra, a human rights group in Phoenix along with 10 other groups from Arizona, California and Mexico are protesting Arizona's Prop. 200.(17)

Vincente Fox, President of Mexico said: "We totally reject the idea of the migrant-hunting groups. We will use the law--international law and even U.S. law--to make sure that these types of groups . . . . will not have any opportunity to progress."(1

Geronimo Gutierrez, undersecretary for North American affairs at Mexico's Foreign Ministry wrote in a diplomatic note that the MMP: "could be in violation of federal and state laws to the detriment of Mexican citizens and that Mexico did not want 'the rights of its citizens transgressed." (i.e., the "rights" of Mexican citizens illegally entering the United States!)(19)

Jennifer Allen, director of the Border Action Network (BAN), a Tucson, Arizona immigrant advocacy group said: "There are more and more of these anti-immigrant paramilitary groups, . . . "We have to curb this xenophobia because a tragedy is going to happen, and then we'll all be sorry." Her group pushed for legal prosecution against the MMP, and her website is (20)

Ray Borane, mayor of Douglas, Arizona, said that the MMP was not welcome in his town, because they are "white supremacist, racist and very dangerous people."(1 In a 'photo op' mayor Borane chats with Mexican official Carlos Zozaya near the border saying that the MMP was "creating an environment that is not good for our people!" See photo and quote21)

Christian Ramirez, is the director of the San Diego office of a human rights organization called the American Friends Service Committee and said he plans to meet with immigrant rights organizations in Arizona to discuss the MMP. He said that heightened national security concerns have created a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment and that Prop 200 has intensified the anti-immigrant rhetoric, and that the Real ID Act has helped "fuel the anti-immigrant environment."(22) Note that the word "illegal" is NEVER mentioned!

4. Hispanic and Latino Propaganda:

Alejandro Perez: Writer, educator and cultural activist based in San Antonio, Texas. Perez's position is: "On screen or off, metaphorical or real, the foreign, alien, non-white or undocumented 'other' -- society's most defenseless member -- poses a threat to this nation's illusionary belief in cultural plurality and benevolent intervention because of who we are and what we represent: a multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-lingual America. . . . We need a new paradigm, a new way of imagining alternative to the way things have been and the way things are. We've learned to live with white America; now, white Americans must learn to live with us."(23) Perez's vision is to have a massive alien culture, descend upon our country, not to enrich but to DISPLACE! Apparently Perez wants to undo all that America has struggled to become. Ending our country's greatest achievement of integrating and assimilating peoples of differing cultures, languages and religions into a unified nation, with ONE language, and ONE culture and religious choice!

To be continued . . .

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Note: All bracketed [ ] notations, within the quotes, are added for emphasis or clarification.

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