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Blatant Racism by the Pro-illegal Alien Crowd (Part 2)
By Daneen G. Peterson, Ph.D.
May 2, 2005

As in (Part 1) it was asked . . . if eighty to ninety percent of the 18-20 million illegal aliens here in America today, had come from India, Ireland, and France, instead of actually coming from Hispanic and Latino countries, would La Raza (The Race), LULAC, MALDEF, MEChA, and the ACLU, et al, be loudly advocating for open borders, protesting and demanding that illegal aliens receive driver's licenses and in-state tuition? Why do they demand that illegal immigrants remain here unmolested and protected by 'sanctuary policies' and rail against any attempt to end the massive amounts of 'public benefits' they receive? Why are these groups so blatant in their support to keep our sovereign borders wide open so that people of their race, can enter America with impunity? Could it be pure racism that motivates them? Could that be the reason?(1)(2)(3)(4)

Be prepared to find that much of the Hispanic rhetoric discussed here will be deliberately obfuscating, duplicitous, hypocritical and dishonest! These groups wage blatant 'in your face' campaigns of disinformation by calling themselves 'immigrant advocacy groups' or 'immigrant-rights groups!' They routinely call legislation that eliminates 'public benefits' for illegal aliens, as "anti-immigrant." You will notice, they NEVER say anti-illegal immigrant. The word "illegal" is NOT part of their vocabulary! Without fail, they deliberately obfuscate by using the term "immigrants" when we all know that the real issue is ILLEGAL immigrants.

In addition, you'll notice that nearly all pro-illegal alien propaganda is duplicitously ended with the mantra of "after all we are a nation of immigrants, aren't we?" The answer to that question . . . is a loud and inconvertible, NO! Most Americans today are native born and therefore not immigrants! What is left unsaid in that phrase, is the significant fact that our American ancestors founded this country of and for legal immigrants, which is the antithesis of the current invasion of illegal immigrants, supported by the open borders, pro-illegal alien crowd! The mantra "we are a nation of immigrants" is a wholly inaccurate 'branding' of our past and current American culture. It is an incantation that contains substantial disinformation, some subtle, some blatant all of which are discussed at length here5)

How the Pro-illegal Alien Crowd Wage their Racist War:

1. First Understand the TRUE Hispanic and Latino Pro-illegal Alien Agenda:

One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Translation: Tu Ciudad (Your City). Tu Equipo (Your Team). This is one of 75 billboards produced for Noticias 62 television. They have been raised in Orange, Riverside and San Bernadino counties, but mostly in Los Angeles County, California.(6) The TV station's representatives are absolutely "unrepentant and arrogant" even though Governor Schwarzenegger said 'take it down.'(7) Mr. Lieberman, who manages and owns the stations, said that LA was a city comprised mostly of Mexicans and should be thought of that way. He states that polls show that a majority of their listeners think California is Mexican territory that rightfully belongs to Mexico. Clear Channel Television claims they have no control over their ads but it is Clear Channel who is renting them the billboard space.(6)

Mexican Madrassas Promote Aztlan: A cruise ship hostess who had many assignments to the Mexican Riviera, said that over a period of ten years she made many friends with the local Mexicans who would repeatedly say: "When the revolution is over. When they have California back." Apparently, "young or old, it seems they grew up being taught there would be a revolution some day. Somehow they would have California back."( According to a Zogby, Mexican opinion poll: Mexicans say the southwest U.S. belongs to them, and they shouldn't need permission to enter the US.(9)

Where do Mexicans get the idea that California belongs to them? It is a 'dirty little secret' that most Americans never knew existed. The fountainhead of such belief is the result of propaganda sponsored, supported and exported by the Mexican government. They 'educate' their children, in Mexican schools, using books filled with the propaganda that America 'stole' California from Mexico and that it is the duty of the citizens of Mexico to go to America and 'reconquista' (take back) California, along with the rest of the border states. Their text books are filled with outright lies about the true history between Mexico and America. "The Mexican government considers these textbooks a symbol of Mexican national pride, [and] guarantees a set to every Mexican child, and makes it a crime for anyone to sell them." Those same textbooks are distributed to schools all across America by Mexican consuls.(10)

Even in America, a Hispanic Studies textbook, "The Mexican American Heritage" by East Los Angeles high school teacher, has maps that depict Mexico as including the southwest US and states "Latinos are now realizing that the powers to control Aztlan may once again be in their hands."(11) The government of Mexico finances, supports and promotes rallies for 'reconquista' of Aztlan (that's the American southwest) throughout Mexico.(12)

LULAC: League of United Latin American Citizens, a Mexican-American organization that supports racial preferences, the legalization of illegal Hispanic immigrants, and opposes the military on the border. (13) They received $1 MILLION from the Ford Foundation in 2004. William Clay Ford wrote: "As the largest and oldest Hispanic organization in the United States, LULAC continues to provide its more than 115,000 members with the necessary tools to be leaders in their communities. Great people making a difference in the community help all of us learn, appreciate and respect the contribution of everyone in our diverse citizenry . . . Ford has been a member of the LULAC Corporate Alliance for over a decade, and we are proud to support it many programs and initiatives."(14)

LULAC is Against English-only in America: In their response to the 1996 US House of Representatives English Language Empowerment Act, passed to mandate the use of the English language as the unifying, singular language of America, LULAC said: "English-only is incredibly divisive [not unifying?] because it sends the message that the culture of language minorities is inferior and illegal [for illegals]. With a dramatic increase in hate crimes and right wing terrorist attacks in the United State, the last thing we need is a frivolous bill to fuel the fires of racism."(13) So it is racist to want to have a single unifying language, our own native language, as the 'official language.' EVERYTHING that our legislature tries to do is racist, if it is not the same as their agenda. Get the picture?

LULAC Opposes REAL ID Act: Which was created to exclude illegal aliens from getting a driver's license. LULAC's official response was that they "oppose these efforts to marginalize Latino communities and continue to work toward a meaningful comprehensive immigration reforms that truly fix our broken immigration system . . . rather than allow negative, anti-immigrant legislation to set the tone of this debate, and embolden those whose proposals are divisive and harmful [to illegal aliens]." " . . . the proponents of this bill are misleading the American public as to what will advance our security interest. We believe this to be a costly, harmful mistake."(15)

LULAC Opposes the Completion of the San Diego, CA Border Fence: "This proposal is inhumane, inefficient, and will result in increased suffering [for illegal aliens] violence, and death along the border."(15)

LULAC Opposes the Swift Rejection of a Higher Standard of Proof of 'Persecution' by Refugees: "These provisions do nothing to make us safer, and do great damage to our nation's proud heritage as a place of refuge for those fleeing persecution [from Mexico]."(15)

Hector Flores, National President of LULAC has said: "Undocumented immigrants [illegal aliens] that are making a valuable contribution to our economy and our country, and should have their status legalized."(16)

LULAC Rally: To get a feel for the rabidness with which they pursue their agenda you will find many photographs of a LULAC rally held at the Mexican Border at San Ysidro, CA on July 29, 2000. Hold on to your hat when visiting this web site filled with Hispanic and Latino racism quotes and the author's angry response.(17)

And THEN there is MALDEF: The Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund was created and financed by the Ford Foundation, receiving more than $25 MILLION. In 1998 alone, MALDEF received $9 MILLION from the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation combined.(1

MALDEF Advocates Open Borders, Free College Tuition for Illegal Aliens, Voting Rights for Criminals, Lowered Educational Standards to Accommodate Hispanic Students and Oppose English Only Laws. Read more about "How Corporate Wealth Finances Mass Immigration" here19)(20)

MALDEF's Position is that ALL Illegal Aliens Should be Entitled to the Same 'Rights and Privileges' of US Citizens. They extol the value of illegal aliens as the "backbone of the US economy."(1

Mario Obledo, Co-Founder of MALDEF has said: "We're going to take over all the political institutions of California. In five years, Hispanics are going to be the majority in this state . . . and anyone that doesn't like it should leave . . . they ought to go back to Europe!" Listen to this on audio clips here: (21)

Art Torres, Chairman, California Democrat Party, January, 1995 said about California's Prop. 187: "Que viva la causa! It is an honor to be with the new leadership of the Americas, here meeting at UC Riverside. So with 187 on the ballot, what is it going to take for our people to vote - to see us walking into the gas ovens? It is electoral power that is going to make the determination of where we go as a community. And power is not given to you -- you have to take it. Remember: 187 is the last gasp of white America in California. Understand that. And people say to me on the Senate floor when I was in the Senate, 'Why do you fight so hard for affirmative action programs?' And I tell my white colleagues, 'because you're going to need them.'"(21)

Armando Navarro, 'Professor' of Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Riverside. His areas of teaching specialization include Latino Ethnic Politics, Social Movements, American Politics, and Latino Contemporary Issues. He said, in February 1997, "People of color are going to be the majority population in this nation. That means for the first time the white population is going to be a minority in supposedly their own country!"(21)

So, Now You Know! Their agenda, with the help of the Ford Foundation, etc., is to have a massive alien culture, descend upon our country, not to enrich but to DISPLACE! Apparently they want to undo all that America has struggled to become. Ending our country's greatest achievement of integrating and assimilating peoples of differing cultures, languages and religions into a unified nation, with ONE language, and ONE culture and religious choice! Now you will begin to understand what diversity and multi-culturalism REALLY means, it is the antithesis of ONE NATION, under God!

2. How the Pro-illegal Alien 'Advocacy Groups' Operate:

Teodoro Aguiluz who is the vice president of a Latino advocacy group called the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities that held rallies in IL, NY, CA, MA, FL and TX calling for President Bush to provide legislation to reunite illegal aliens here in America with their families in Mexico. He said: "It's not fair. We work, we pay taxes, we contribute to society, [yet] the government is separating families with deportation, families that have been here more than 15 years."(22)

It seems that illegal aliens who are supposedly "in the shadows" are more and more "in your face!" It's not America's responsibility to rescue Mexicans from their poverty, it is Mexico's responsibility! What is so wrong with Mexico that they have such great wealth of natural resources, and yet, many of their people live in poverty? Even though Mexico has benefited from huge NAFTA trade surpluses, and receives some $16.6 BILLION in 'remittances' taken out of the American economy at a rate of $45.5 MILLION a day, and yet they are still unable to take care of own? What is so terribly wrong with the government of Mexico that they need to export their poverty to America? That is the question that needs to be asked, not when is America going to reunite their families. But WHEN will Mexico reunite them with their families . . . in Mexico!

Racist Hispanic community 'leaders' advocate for a Hispanic superintendent for Colorado's, Denver Public Schools (DPS) "who understands the complex issues facing an urban district that has grown increasingly diverse." "It's time for a Hispanic leader." The school district consists of 73,000 students who are 57% Hispanic, 19% black and 24% white, or, as they are called in this article, 'Anglos!'(23) Note that those statistics leave out those who are not white nor black nor Hispanic or Latino such as American Indians or Asians!

Veronica Barela, president and CEO of the NEWSED Community Development Corp. said: "There certainly are enough qualified Latinos in the field of education to run DPS. I think the school board members should make that an extremely high priority. The majority of children in the district are Latinos."(23) So, does that mean . . . only Latinos can manage Latinos?

Lucia Guzman, member of the school board said that a candidate who is "grounded in the experience of the oppressed" is someone that "could appeal to Denver constituents who feel that they're not represented."(23)

Ramon Del Castillo, an education activist and member of Finding Common Ground, a Hispanic groups, "wants to see a superintendent who doesn't push too quickly to get out from under a 35-year-old federal court order pertaining to English language learners. The order requires DPS to give non-native English speakers, most of whom are Hispanic the same education opportunities as English-speaking students."(23) Does that translate into lowering non-Latinos to the Hispanic's level of accomplishment OR waiting until the Latinos learn English well enough to participate on the same level as their "Anglo" peers? You figure it out!

Nita Gonzales, president of Escuela Tlatelolco Centro de Estudios, an alternative Denver public school serving mostly Hispanic and American Indians said "the district must work harder to find qualified Hispanic candidates. What bothers me is that it often feels like we're overlooked."(23) Were they 'overlooked' because there is no Hispanic superintendent or because a white (Anglo) superintendent has 'overlooked' them! Quite a feat when the Hispanic school population is nearly 60% and her school is mostly Hispanic and non-Anglos (i.e., American Indians).

The blatantly racist quotes and other text in the article cited above, begs the question: What if you were to substitute the word 'white' (or as the article called them "Anglos") everywhere it said 'Latino or Hispanic?' There is no doubt that you would hear screams of outrage and protest from the Hispanic and Latino community. There would be marches and picketing and ranting galore! What have we come to in our nation that such outrageous racist remarks can be made without any semblance of fear of being exposed or 'called' on it!

Hispanic community 'leaders' (yes they always call themselves leaders) demanded that the school board hire a "new superintendent who understands the complex issues facing an urban district that has grown increasingly diverse." Does that mean a white or any other non-Hispanic person is incapable of such understanding?

Lastly, the suggested requirement that the candidate be "grounded in the experience of the oppressed" was absolutely beyond the pale! Are Latinos and Hispanics "oppressed? (i.e., to keep down by the cruel or unjust use of power or authority). Oppressed? To crush; trample down to overpower; subdue. Syn. misuse, downtrodden, browbeaten, enslaved, mistreated, like dirt under one's feet! To think that such a posited description would be used as a preference for a school superintendent, is an absolutely outrageous absurdity!

3. A 'Classic' In-Your-Face Pro-Illegal Alien Racist Rant:

A local TV station who, at the behest of the Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS), made a public service announcement. What did they say? Well, they DARED to ask their audience to turn in illegal immigrants, saying it was their lawful duty because they (illegal aliens) are lawbreakers. Gee, what a concept! As you might surmise . . . the following blatant racist response came via an editorial in Dos Mundos:

Clara Reyes, Editor of Dos Mundos, a bilingual newspaper, aid: "This announcement blatantly promotes baseless persecution of Latinos. Is it KMBC’s new policy to turn Kansas City into a police state? Will Kansas Citians start turning anyone who has brown skin over to immigration officials? Most people find turning their fellow humans beings [illegal aliens] over to persecution and destruction rather distasteful. It was distasteful when the Europeans turned in Jews to the Nazis; it was distasteful when the Japanese were interred, and they committed the same crime as some of our fellow Latinos: they existed in places where others did not want them."(24)

Apparently LEGAL resident Jews and Japanese are to be seen as a 'moral equivalence' with ILLEGAL resident Hispanic aliens. The Jews were killed, illegal immigrants are not! We were at war with the Japanese when those Japanese living in America were interred, as a precaution against nationalistic sympathies that could lead to spying or sabotage. We send illegals back to their country of origin, unless they are in jail for additional crimes in addition to the crime of illegal entry. They are not interred!

According to Ms. Reyes: "People [illegal aliens] should not be punishedâ€