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    On Board the Biden Express: Daily Mail Joins With African Migrants at the Daily Sold-

    On Board the Biden Express: Daily Mail Joins With African Migrants at the Daily Sold-Out Flight TK800 from Istanbul to Bogota Fueling the Surge at America’s Southern Border

    By Jim Hᴏft
    Oct. 2, 2023 10:15 am secured seats on the now-infamous Flight TK800, traveling from Istanbul to Bogota. This flight has gained notoriety as a channel for African migrants aiming to reach the United States, capitalizing on Joe Biden’s open border.

    Every day, Flight TK800 from Istanbul to Bogota is sold out, serving as a major conduit for thousands of African immigrants making their way to America’s southern border.

    After landing in Bogota, the illegal immigrants continue their journey to Nicaragua—a country with lax immigration policies. Nicaragua rarely checks on the movements of these illegal aliens, making the country an ideal location for those aiming to enter the U.S. This absence of oversight creates a perilous situation.


    Daily Mail reported:

    This is the Biden Express, the first leg of a major new smuggling route across the Atlantic that ultimately allows migrants to flood into – and in many cases remain in – the United States.

    Greedy people-smugglers are snapping up seats only to sell them on to desperate migrants at hugely inflated prices. managed to buy two tickets to fly early on Wednesday morning and follow some 150 young Africans who will try to sneak into the United States.

    Most seats on the plane flying from the city where Europe meets Asia to the third largest city in South America were filled with passengers from the African continent.

    We were told the next available seat on this daily route is for October 20, but that has almost certainly been snapped up now.




    According to Daily Mail, these illegal immigrants are paying as much as $12,000 for this journey.

    The news outlet had the opportunity to speak with one of the passengers on the flight, hailing from Sierra Leone, and asked how he managed to fund a ticket that remains out of reach for many hard-working Americans.

    The passenger, however, opted not to comment on the matter. It’s worth noting that the average yearly income in Sierra Leone, a country in West Africa, hovers just below $10,000.

    The Daily Mail reported that passengers from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, two ex-Soviet dictatorships, were also on these flights. The lack of stringent checks and the involvement of people-smugglers raise concerns about who else might be exploiting this route to enter the United States.

    Adding fuel to the fire, so-called ‘travel agents’ based in Africa are offering ‘all-inclusive’ packages on platforms like TikTok, further promoting this dangerous journey. These packages often include transit visas and onward travel from Colombia.

    Who is funding this invasion?

    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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