6 hours ago • Arizona Daily Star

A completed drug tunnel was found Tuesday night in the backyard shed of a Nogales house, border officials say.

A tip led officers from the Nogales Tunnel Task Force to a house about a half mile north of the Arizona-Sonora border where they found the entrance to the tunnel in the backyard, tunnel entrance in a backyard shed, according to a news release from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which leads the multi-agency task force.

The crude, hand-dug tunnel is about 52 feet long and about two feet wide. It is about three feet tall and has wood shoring.

No people or drugs were found inside the tunnel.

However, authorities seized eight pounds of heroin, three pounds of marijuana and more than $1,400 in cash inside the house.

U.S. currency from inside the house.

Information on criminal charges in the case was not immediately available Thursday morning.