by Kristin Tate 21 May 2014, 6:02 AM PDT

Border Patrol agents in Arizona saved three illegal immigrants last week.

The first rescue occurred in the Tucson, Arizona area and involved two illegal immigrants suffering from severe dehydration and other ailments. According to a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) press release, agents initially responded to a call stating that an individual was lying on the side of the road.

Border Patrol agents promptly arrived on the scene, where they discovered two individuals in distress, one of whom collapsed and "passed out." The two aliens were transported to a hospital in Phoenix, where they were treated for heat-related sicknesses including extreme dehydration.

The second rescue took place over the weekend, and involved another illegal alien who was lost in the desert. According to the CBP press release, the female immigrant called Mexican authorities for help when she ran out of water.

Mexican officials alerted U.S. Border Patrol agents, who reportedly discovered the woman near Naco, Arizona and provided her with water.

According to CBP, during the last seven months 122 illegal immigrants were rescued by Border Patrol agents in the Tucson area alone.

Border Patrol agents routinely save the lives of illegal immigrants near the border.

In early May, Breitbart Texas reported on a baby from El Salvador who was rescued after suffering from severe dehydration. When agents encountered a group of illegal immigrants in a rural area of Texas, they noticed the 16-month-old baby. The child was apparently having trouble breathing and became unresponsive.

Agents administered medical aid on-scene and then transported the child via helicopter to a San Antonio hospital where his condition was stabilized.

Another incident in early May, involved agents rescuing two foreign nationals who were attempting to illegally cross the Rio Grande River. The two immigrants, a mother and her 13-year-old daughter, are both citizens of El Salvador. After seeing the two struggling to stay afloat in the river, agents saved their lives by pulling them into a patrol boat.

Daniel Tirado, a spokesman for Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector, told Breitbart Texas that even though illegal immigrants risk being deported, they are often grateful to be rescued by agents. "Oftentimes, agents are reaching immigrants before they are exposed to dangers. A lot of the rescued individuals are removed from the country. But usually they're glad to be rescued," he said.

In the face of countless incidents involving the rescue of illegal immigrants, liberal groups continue to vilify Border Patrol agents due to political motives.

Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby has reported extensively on the left's continued effort to "limit effectiveness" of Border Patrol. Darby argued that such efforts could ultimately prevent Border Patrol agents from keeping the U.S. border safe, which includes aiding illegal immigrants in distress.