Report: Border Patrol Agents Say Illegal Immigration Surging Ahead of ‘Amnesty’ Deal

In recent weeks, illegal immigrants have reportedly intensified their push to cross into the United States from Mexico. The reason is that they seemingly want to be in the country when a new immigration law reaches President Obama’s desk.

The Senate is said to be in the final stages of a bipartisan agreement on immigration, but many conservatives have decried the proposals as equal to amnesty for the illegals that are already in the U.S.
er today, William La Jeunesse reported on the situation, explaining that reports of a coming amnesty are all over Hispanic media outlets, leading to double the number of attempted border crossings.

“The word south of the border is ‘you need to get to the United States now if you want amnesty. If you wait, it’s gonna be too late,’” he said, citing interviews of illegal immigrants who have been caught recently by Border Patrol.

Sequestration cuts have only made things worse for agents along the Mexican border, since they now lack the necessary space to keep all of the illegal immigrants detained. La Jeunesse reported that illegals are being given a “notice to appear” before a court and are then set free. On top of that, the administration is considering cutting the amount of agents patrolling the border.

Watch the full report below, including the urgent email from Texas Border Patrol that highlights just how bad the situation has gotten!

Listen to the interview, t the video is flipped.