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    Border Patrol Confrontation Leads To Deadly Shooting

    Border Patrol Confrontation Leads To Deadly Shooting

    Feb 27, 2007 10:03 PM PST

    Authorities say a Border Patrol agent has been involved in a deadly shooting after a confrontation with drug smugglers near Tubac. One person -- not the agent -- is dead.

    It happened around 8pm Tuesday night. Investigators say the agent felt threatened by the smugglers, and shots were fired.

    Authorities are still investigating, and they say they're not sure if shots were exchanged between the agents and the suspected smugglers.

    Four arrests were made, and agents found narcotics and weapons.
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    Good Lord, here we go again. We know what happens when anyone trys to stop Mexicans, especially drug runners from entering our country. Let's start praying our Border Patrol agent now!
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    With the involvement of the DOJ in every arrest of drug smugglers, one wonders who is receiving the drugs. Our border agents are not allowed to protect the borders and not even themselves. I thought that the DOJ was to protect American citizens against crime, I didn't realize that the Mexican government was paying them. What happened to Mexico's war on drugs? Is they battle plan just to pass all the drugs to the USA so that elite rich can get richer.

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