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    California or ground zero of the invasion

    Border Patrol SUV burns as migrants flee

    Border Patrol SUV burns as migrants flee

    Web Posted: 05/07/2006 12:00 AM CDT
    San Antonio Express-News

    FALFURRIAS - Several suspected undocumented immigrants escaped and a U.S. Border Patrol vehicle burned Saturday after a parked smuggler's vehicle caught fire in tall, dry grass, officials said.

    When the patrol pulled over the vehicle near here around 4 p.m., the driver parked in the grass and several people bailed out and ran away, said Roy Cervantes, an Edinburg-based spokesman for the patrol.

    While agents pursued the immigrants, the smuggler's vehicle caught fire. The flames eventually engulfed the patrol's SUV as well.

    Three of the immigrants were caught and processed for deportation. No injuries were reported.
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    I know some of those guys at the Falfurias joint. Hopefully noone was hurt.

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    Hey, yaberdaber! I have family in Mission. Was down there earlier this year. Was hoping to spot some Minutemen when we drove thru Falfurrias but didn't see any. When life slows down some for me, I hope to join the Minutemen down there if they have another mission. I could "snow-bird" and protect the border at the same time. A What-a-burger sounds good about now! Take care.

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